From-for what actually there is «beer belly»


Beer belly appears in men at age «a little over forty» (and some earlier) and are not a source of pride, as if many weren’t kidding. In the national sense of a beer belly — a symbol of human weakness to alcohol. But the reality is not as easy as you might think.

Genetics is the most important factor

Genetics is a real lottery. The elect by nature are born beautiful six-foot Swedish models, destined to give up the Ghost in 109 years, falling asleep and not waking up. All the rest of nature prescribe disease, bad tendencies, and sometimes very real ugliness.

Genetics determines the metabolic rate: how much fat is deposited under the belly, as well as in other parts of the body. Therefore, in the pubs and simple apartments that have become a haven for drinkers, almost always have two friends who drink level. But the belly hanging on my knees and the other tucked up as if he lead a sober lifestyle.

Gender matters

As you know, men and women are fundamentally different from each other. And when the Lord created the first man from clay, then noticed the fat. «Not to waste», said God, and not found anything the best how to inject fat under the stomach. The story of excessive fat repeated during the creation of the woman. Began to play with the rib, the Lord put his fat ass. Probably the only way to explain the fact that men have fat deposits in the abdominal area and in women on the thighs and buttocks. So beer belly is just as much a male domain, as pants that will never erase.

Maybe a beer nothing to do with it?


I guess in this crazy world, somewhere there is a dark basement, which hosts a rather strange competition: the representative of a nation would rather grow a belly. Most would put into Czechs and Germans — after all, themselves brewer nation of the world needs to grow bellies faster than others, such is the logic of things. And sin is not to grow under is a tasty beer.

But don’t Google, where such competitions are held. The fact that scientists have found no evidence that beer makes a man is much broader in the area of the intestine. But this is not accurate. Moreover, heavy drinkers, people usually look a little better than the victims of the Holodomor and shake their bellies, despite the dense caloric content of the drink.

So there is a chance that the culprit of the beer belly is not beer. And I ask not to drive on the «liquid gold» until his guilt is proved.

Age makes everything worse

Old age no one has benefited. The metabolism slows down and you start to steadily gain weight, be tired and not good to breathe. But the men were more fortunate: growing under the heart of the hill shocks us with not as much as women. They have after menopause the fat with extreme impulsivity delayed and even on my stomach.

Beer exactly innocent


Although the term «beer belly» gave rise to the belief that the growing belly from the beer, it would be correct to say that the reason for his growth is a simple snack. Even globalpulse people get most of their calories from food. Everything from the fact that the body breaks down different energy sources in different ways and saves them in different ways. For example, a beer belly, he directs sugar and refined carbohydrates, which are so much in beer snacks.

This only confirms known fact: beer does not harm humans, because it was created by the ancient Atlanteans in the image and likeness of man, and honored historians-alcoholics tend to believe that the famous «philosopher’s stone» is none other than beer — isn’t that the elixir of life? All the danger lies in eating, so bravely drink without snack and apologize to the beer.

How to get rid of beer belly

Perhaps someone of the most respected masters of sports in rhythmic drunk wants to get rid of its beauty and pride, or at least to prevent it. Well, you can try, but instead of chips you will have to eat fruits, vegetables, cereals. Simply put, to get on a proper diet (note, not the drink).

And of course, can not do without high-intensity interval training. Still nice when instead of a soft belly you have a powerful torso.

But the most joyful in this story — there is no need to reduce the consumption of beer. Slim, fit, eat the right food and drink.

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