From 20 to 30

manygoodtips.com_15.07.2014_2SE0Sg5G2WivrIt is a fact that men are less worried about what to wear today, how their buttocks look in those jeans and on the other delusions, which are littered with the heads of women. But to look good never hurt anyone.

If you’re busy or not interested to follow the novelties in the fashion industry, here are some tips for you.

There are certain basic things that should be in the wardrobe of every man. Look in your cupboard, reconsider all wrinkled shirt and make sure you don’t know how and what to wear. Do not rush to flee in the dark and damp corner to humbly survive the despair. It’s not so bad. There are wise counselors like us, which will help you to cope with sadness and to solve your simple problem.

1.If you’re 20 years old


Blockages with the session, partying and meeting friends in a cheap bar, it’s probably about you. You’re not worried about expensive brands and the quality of things — the main thing that was comfortable and stylish. Well, to fit the girl checked out your appearance.

You should always be: a few t-shirts with bright prints for walks and some solid (if you suddenly decided to go to uni). Comfortable jeans, sneakers and of course a backpack, where you can throw the junk you like to carry with them.

Looks like your everyday kit. While you’re young, don’t skimp on bright accessories and things. Because if you want to stock up like the closet in old age — you’ll look silly.

2.If you’re 25


If all goes according to plan, then perhaps you already found a job, but not the fact, of course, that you happy with everything in it. You love to impress girls. And probably know how to do it.

I think you know that 90% of your success depends on how you’re dressed. Let’s think, what should be in your closet. Basic things: a comfortable straight-leg jeans (not uskoci leave it to the younger children), a shirt (no, not necessarily something severe, but not a well-worn t-shirt, stylish shoes, and the main accessory — the watch.

You can dilute this set of bright accessories or prints.

3.If you’re 30


Your career continues to grow, and soon you will reach unprecedented heights. At this stage, your appearance is the embodiment of your status in society. There should be no penalties.

In the wardrobe must be: an expensive black suit, crisp white (and not only) shirt, different ties (don’t skimp on the blue color, they say he attracts women), cufflinks, watches and shoes.

Whatever you put on, the most important thing to make you look well-groomed and neat. You should always smell good, the clothes should be clean and unwrinkled. Don’t need to do super-salacinol hair with a ton of gel, you can do a simple comb and a couple drops of special wax for your hair.

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