Friendship with sex how to do it right?

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Someone smart once said that friendship between man and woman does not happen. We do not take friszolowski relationship, we do not take familiarity with drinking coffee in his spare time — is not a friendship. Also not a friendship and the friendship with sex. Friendship with sex is just friendship with sex, and we should not build illusions about it.

Today we’ll show you how to combine friendship with sex, because it just seems easy, and the guys already in the rake.

So what good is this relationship?

Good side

No need to look for sex, no need to go anywhere. To offend anyone in the spirit of Barney Stinson, when looking for a girlfriend for one night is also not necessary. Two adults enter into the agreement on providing each other sexual services. Ideally, this involves zero personal interest, and it is so necessary for people who are tired and not very serious relations, hopes and everything like that. Such people just choose this form of relationship.

Now for the bad side

Emotional side. Usually by the tenth meeting, no one survives. If the relationship ends after three or four meetings, it is clear that the girl (most likely) fell from a dude in emotional dependency, in the head builds castles in the air, comes up with the names of the children and thinks about meeting his mom. In short, if the girl is smart, she will stop it immediately if it sloupok — have you. But in the emotional dependence is not to fall very hard. The main thing in friendship with sex — selecting the right partner.

Choice. Difficult fucking choice.

The main principle — the choice of the girl really accept this arrangement.

Typically, these girls are divided into two groups.

1. Those who just can not live without a boyfriend

Despite rapidly through the world of feminism, girls that without a strong male shoulder would not survive, even sing chew. It will assure you that does not feel an emotional involvement, but it is not. When she realizes that all that keeps you two together is sex, she immediately breaks up with you relationship. She just hoped. Try to end the relationship as soon as possible, you’re not a sadist, man. Oh Yes, never trust a girl who repeats like a mantra «we’re only having sex / I have no emotional involvement,» she has seen enough snotty movie with Mila kunis and now will suffer.

2. Those who man nafig not needed

But there is really lacking. Sometimes it’s just resentment over the old relationship, and sometimes the woman relationship no bloody use at all: she’s got more important things to do. But wants to get fucked. With these women even friends then, really. For real, bro. And occasionally fuck.

So how does one begin such a relationship?

Understand first that this is not a one time thing. At once casual relationships, but our case is not from this Opera. For starters with a girl need to make friends, to understand what kind of person she is and that she, in fact, necessary. If the girl wants the relationship, our advice to you: throw you this ungrateful thing, don’t break the heart of a girl. When I realized that this girl openly offer her the friendship with sex, not Wiley. Just say, «We’re both not looking for anything serious right now, so why not have some fun while we are still young and have not found their other halves?» If it is of the right type of girls, she would agree.

As it looks from the outside?

Each agreement has its own rules, friendship with sex is no exception. These principles will help you to keep the situation under control.

1. Don’t do anything together except sex

It’s cruel, but right. Do not walk hand in hand under the moon, don’t go on dates and certainly not spend the weekend together. Otherwise, emotional dependence, everything. Also, do not forget that this kind of relationship with a strong lady equivalent of the competition «who was the first to become emotionally dependent». You don’t want to lose, right?

2. You should not do it very often

Ten times is the limit, it is better to stretch it in time. Lot-not so good, don’t eat too many!

3. Be honest

If you got someone serious, so tell me, she will understand. If you are tired, say so. This is the behavior of an adult.

4. Get a hold of yourself

If you learn about other dudes, do not shake the eggs: it’s not yours.

5. Keep this kind of relationship to the mystery

Anyway, less chatter with language can create bad reputation for yourself, girl, it’s in Europe enlightened all svingerstva thrive, and in the former CIS countries this kind of relationship — the same dirty trick, only in profile. And never think that other people do not care: to wash other people’s bones, few dislikes.

6. Respect her

It’s not some youngster that you met at the club, naveshali noodles on the ears and took it. She is a partner. The less you respect her, the sooner this will end.

When and how it ends

All good things must end. When we already know about — focus on the ten times. But how?

1. If you’re in love

Remember the principle of honesty. Tell her straight. If she also has feelings for you, I can live happily ever after. If not, then not!

2. If you feel that she falls in love, and you yourself feel nothing

Put an end — the sooner, the better. She may want to continue, but it will only break her heart. Don’t do it!

3. If you found another girl

To tell the truth. And not have sex, good — bye, you’re going to start a relationship.

4. If she finds another guy

Run away, of course, all over! Not satisfied with her scenes!

But personally, from the editors note that the friendship with sex is not friendship. If you have had a good relationship, it is unlikely that you will be able to maintain the same (guess why). If this is your ex, the situation is the same. In short, in any case, these relations, despite all his honesty, honor and smell, it is pure destructiveness. What do you think?

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