Friends like us don’t need

manygoodtips.com_10.01.2014_vZy3JRDVYjiaGOne day, when my friends and I were discussing the exercise, one man said, «to Burn fat? Why?!» — he is skinny, but partial to full girls. Personally, I have to complete the girls indifferent, and if it would be possible to Express an extreme degree of indifference, I would have expressed it right here and now. I would have never started Dating a fat girl, but this is not the only correct opinion. There are such things someone fit and some don’t: as the saying goes, a picture layout depends on the taste.

Although there are things that women can not be forgiven. That is, let them do with your life what you want, but don’t expect normal dudes. Normal dudes girlfriend of a certain sort is not needed. What?


Once you know that she uses whatever it is, better stop calling her. Drug-addicted person not a relationship we need to build, and to be treated. In the clinic it! Let him go his way, you’re not on the road. Self-destruction is contagious, better not to argue. Once you get tired to resist. Addicts go to hell.


Someone they look sweet? Type: «I guess she’s really into me, if you ever want to know where I am and with whom». Yeah, like. Unfounded jealousy and possessive tendencies say that in her head that something is wrong. It is difficult to trust people, he has a low self-esteem, or both together. Relationship with her will consist of a continuous quarrels, accusations of betrayal and constant pressure. Don’t waste time on it: is unlikely that you are waiting for the happy ending.


Experienced materialist is necessary to calculate and then immediately remove from the field. If she’s only interested in how much you earn, where you can take that drive it is empty. She wants money, and nothing else in the world. She will never take care of you. She really will never love you. It is you, not your loot. She is interested in only what you can give her. Drop where lying and don’t look back. Why waste time pulling her with gifts when they only thing it needs?

Greedy male jealousy

These friends always hang out and give you a reason to be jealous. It speaks about their low self esteem. She wants you to beat his butt to a hairy chest and rushed into battle, while she flirts with some random shit. She constantly will tell you about him and particularly about his attempts to hit on her. Why is she doing this? To make sure that you love her. To constantly udostoveritsya. You quickly get bored.


Miserable people need company. If you have enough brains, you’re not spending time with her. The world is not perfect, all know, thank you for reminding me. Your girlfriend like the character of the cartoon, which over the head constantly hanging rain cloud? With it dripping, lightning burning in different directions, and she stands, arms crossed on his chest. So? Think again, whether to stand her beside him. Eternal nagging, annoying, moreover, it is contagious. First, she must hate life itself, and then you join in and also begin to hate your life.


You need to explain? Some people think that the rest of the world no. Only a dead, parched desert, and in the center — she is a beautiful Golden pedestal. Do not try to support her in this belief. Selfish to recognize easily. What’s wrong with her? This will be a one-sided game. You’re trying to make her happy and not get no joy, no gratitude, no nothing. Want to be a slave?

What else should be alerted? When in conversation she is frankly a stupid idea. I’m not kidding. Some manifestations of stupidity cannot be forgiven.

«Ugh, these people are not rich»

If she is from a wealthy family and despises all the others, dump her. Even if you get a lot: you don’t need a friend who will look down on the poor dudes. Why? First, she lives in his world. Moreover, she will leave you if you have a begin difficulty. The cost saving is not her strong suit. Even people who used to calculate all six figures, sometimes I lose everything and begin to carry coffee in a cafe around the corner. She’ll run back to daddy, tail between his legs, if you will not be able to buy.

«I don’t like your plans for the future»

You started Dating a girl that doesn’t like your purpose in life — that’s it. Nobody can tell you how to live, period. If this know-all thinks that you should be a lawyer than a firefighter, he can go to hell. Find a replacement, but to return the spent time on it, alas, can not.

«I don’t want you hanging out with those morons»

She’s about your friends. Everything after this phrase the conversation was over. What do we have here Miss perfect? It is so much better than your friends? If you do not run it, you’re a complete idiot. She takes you for a weak-willed raw material from which you can sculpt anything? She’s not good enough? I think you know what direction to send her.

«I hate those niggers»

«For the purity of Aryan race», too. I now have a wonderful friend-drilled, peace bro-Tunguska and friend from Mongolia, who five years he studied with me at uni. Normal guys. I hide them from her? Are they worse than someone? Unjustified hatred based on a random characteristic is not from a great mind. This clinical idiocy, and the idiots better not to meet.

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