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manygoodtips.com_20.12.2014_dKqTdtvjlF1lcWe never cease to remind you about the upcoming total drunk. By the way, wait for her very long. But we want you to remember previous similar party and undertook work on the bugs, or at least just remembered and rejoiced snippets of information. Remember how it was cool? Well, or at least partially? And remember those wonderful people with whom you spent many hours of interesting conversations?

If you forgot about these dudes, now we recall, with whom do you usually have a conversation when the swell:

1. Taxi driver


This is a lovely sociable man with a mustache, who is not even angry that you like a drunken pig, went to his car. He instantly picks up your mood and realize that you’re in the mood to socialize. He will not let you remain silent for a second. But only a friend can be expensive, because you’re drunk and probably pay the cabbie twice what he asked.

2. The pizza guy

This man is a Saint. He brought you food! No matter what you have waited and prayed for its arrival for the past three hours, now you can thank him and quickly pounce on a juicy pizza. You will invite him in. I still remember the dude that let strangers into your apartment is not a good idea. But, hell, he brought you a pizza with hot pepper… For this guy it is possible to make an exception.

3. Another COP


Despite the fact that your freedom is hanging in the balance, you still can’t put a hand on the shoulder of antiquity. You now like best friends. He smiles in response to your drunken and inappropriate remarks. Wait, though: it seems he grins. Yes, this guy is in form, very angry with you.

4. Anyone who gets in your way


OOO, dude, this party will remember you for a long time… Although, perhaps, on the contrary: you will remember nothing. But those people that you just met, will always remember the friendly, heavily drunk guy who tried to strike up sincere conversation.

5. Dude who made your hot dog


He’s like that little boy in kindergarten brought LEGO, and you built together, his fortress, along with the friendship. Only now you’ve grown up, and when drunk, want to communicate even with the guy who has collected for you a delicious hot dog.

6. The doorman


If tonight you were staying at the hotel, and when I woke up, was hungover to check pictures on a mobile, you probably found a couple of pictures with the doorman. This guy condescendingly and confusedly smiled, and you continued to save his face.

7. Any person with a cigarette


Drunk and Smoking people share on those who does not regret the cigarette for buhogo guy, and those who have already ended tobacco, and they are not greedy and helpful dudes. If you left the bar full of smokers, you will certainly be able to find a fun company and unlimited cigarettes.

8. Machine with food and drinks

This dude wants to sbrigati you food at exorbitant prices, but you engaged him in a dispute. In the end, he tossed at you with a double portion of Snickers, even though you paid him only for one package. This is a great guy now, you’ll make friends.

9. New guy your ex


You’re not even gonna be sarcastic and to tell about how she was snoring in her sleep. You laughingly tell him about your epic situations during sex, not even thinking about what such a conversation might ruin their relationship. Great tactic dude!

10. Student


You’re a grown kid, will teach the student life. He will think that you’re a drunk asshole, but you’ll feel incredible wise and experienced man.

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