Friend Veronika Kravchuk

The last day of the week, and that means time for a new girlfriend that will satisfy your weekly need for beautiful girls. Today you are met by Veronika Kravchuk, we are grateful that she has agreed to be our friend. Can begin to look at her gorgeous pictures and we’ll tell you what she’s famous than good and why we liked it.

Veronica has a direct relationship to modelling work — photographers love it. However, most of the time she acts as a journalist, as well as working on leading Fashion TV and has his own column in the BOS Magazine. Education in our friend above, but the thirst for self-development with a diploma not subsided in its plans to journalism education and to take the exam for a higher score.

The girl can not be accused of laziness — she works every day. For example, it is now preparing to launch her own show «the Trajectory of takeoff with Veronika Kravchuk». Before this project, it refers to damn serious, so carefully modify the pilot episode.

But if the career is clear, then what about moral values? This is Veronica we were pleasantly surprised: «If we talk about where I see myself in ten years, it is in the first place: a strong family, favorite work, a good income and always smiling and happy woman with a solid core». Will follow her work behind the scenes to support all initiatives, of course, if arrivals hot photo will not stop. Very much we liked the girl who puts the concept of identity to the fore, just as we do.

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