Friend Polina Malinovskaya

Only a few days left to celebrate the New year, and we are seriously confused as to what exactly the girl have to close in 2016, because next Sunday is already the 1st of January. The choice we stopped on the lovely Polina Malinovskaya — she gladly agreed to be your friend until next week.

The girl is only 18 years old and she is already working in an Italian modeling Agency, which is located in Milan. Italy — not a random choice. Polina’s mother is Russian and my father is Italian, so today she lives in Italy. If not for a freakishly strong desire to achieve high-level modeling, our Pauline became a dance teacher (she loves children), as dealt with them 10 years. We love not only her beauty but also her commitment that she is perfectly expressed in the phrase: «I want to achieve real success, let all say it’s impossible, but your chance for other thoughts I won’t lose». Sincerely wish good luck to our friend, and you wish to spend a nice day together with her magical photos.

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