Friend — Lisa

Another cute girlfriend decided to please us with her new photoset made especially for I hope you will appreciate this charming blonde.

So, we are happy to present you Lisa — she was 23 years old, she lives in Krasnodar, working in a construction company. By tradition, we asked her some questions that she answered while I was posing.

Do you have any talents, if so, what?

I think my main talent is willpower, I have iron.

So what’s your tattoo, and when did you do it?

Tattoo I did a year ago in memory of a loved one.

If you have a dream?

I don’t have dreams but have goals. I would like to travel the most heavenly corners of the planet.

Do you play any sports?

I worked out recently: Cycling, running (most important) and, if possible, training on the uneven bars.

Describe a sexy man

Sexy man — not available. And yet confident and assertive. Of course, outwardly, I, too, have their advantages, but probably the stuffing is more important.

What kind of holiday do you prefer?

For the rest of my company. Besides, I love a spontaneous vacation somewhere far away from the city.

What qualities do you appreciate in men?

The unpredictability, mystery, authoritativeness, inaccessibility, magnanimity and generosity.

Model: Lisa Sklyarenko

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