Friend — Julia

Wrong, we don’t have a photo of ordinary girls, told one of our authors, returning to the office with another Cup of coffee.

— How you can drink coffee in this heat? — angrily told him someone from the office.

— That’s not a segue, people. We have porn actress with our Sunday column, to see which readers can only in porn and models from Australia and other distances. It is necessary to photograph those who are on the street. So it will be interesting.

In two hours we found the first girl and a wonderful place for taking pictures, clean off the dust from his shirt, which was kept in the editorial for the occasion, and began a new series «Girlfriends».

Our first friend is Julia, a journalist from Moscow. We asked Julia a few questions in order to justify his presence at the shooting.

What do you like in men?

Prominent nose, brains, talent and a pinch of wit.

Who’s your favorite writer?

Woody Allen.

What’s the maddest act in your life?

Went to live from Russia to the beloved Odessa. But, unfortunately, returned.

What’s your credo?

«Any fool with fast hands can grab a tiger by the balls, but only the hero can compress them.»

You have in your life someone (possibly famous person) with whom you take an example?

I like Dr. Victor Frankenstein create their own characters from books and real people, and then clothe themselves this way.

Whom dreamed to become in the childhood?

Actress of Brazilian soap operas.

Actress Julia did not, but she is 23 years old, and she is still ahead. Moreover, the appearance of the girl, how you see yourself, impressive.

Model: Julia Mark

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