Friend Galina Fire

Today we want to ignite your imagination, so that the heat dispersed throughout the body and a day became free from any cold. In this we will help a hot girl with a very hot name and a new friend — Galina Fire. She gladly agreed to be your companion for the week, let alone in the pages of our magazine.

The girl is studying in a medical University to become a pharmacist (the one that the main tablets) — we would like to have such a person in the company, but our friends finish medical school, I’m afraid, because it is long and difficult. Galina always had a penchant for chemistry is her favorite discipline. Support choice, but we have another fact that to remain silent would be weird: Galina plays for the University team in volleyball, she was already a candidate master of sports in this discipline. And it’s very cool, that actually explains a gorgeous physique girls. The activity does not end there: our friend loves to rest on the couch, and rollerblading, bike and longbone. This winter she will try to get back on a snowboard — we believe in it!

The procedure in the body is, and then what can you say about the order in the head? A friend told us that people are not perfect, and it is always possible not to pay attention to some imperfections. The world is not perfect, but that’s its beauty — it is important to enjoy all of its colors, silly to divide everything in black and white. And if we talk about men, she prefers a man who will not give up even in the most difficult situation and will not shift the problems on others. You, my friend, must be responsible and motivated to please our friend. Sense of humor is also an important component of your personality, but it is important not only for you but for anyone.

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