Friend Catherine Tokaeva

In the country today a historical event took place — we have switched their attention from Latin American and Western European lands in the Russian land, which is full of beautiful girls, with whom we will acquaint you on Sundays. A new tradition we will start with nuclear weapons, not firecrackers — Catherine Enakievo, which offered to open up our category and to become the face and first friend She works as a model for 8 years, and you’ve probably seen her on billboards in their city.

Katya pretty damn successful in the modeling business, but even she does not forget that it is also necessary to study (currently an interregional Institute of Economics and law, specialty — advertising). Unlike many girls the age of postmodernism Enikeeva not just studying but also working in the specialty. And speaking of leisure, it includes sport and cooking. But this life is not limited and therefore is in constant search of something new. For example, at the moment, Catherine has been practicing yoga. Says that it is difficult but interesting to do.

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