Friend Anna Sakharov

No one will be surprised that a beautiful girl is engaged in fitness, or yoga — it is so clear, because it is beautiful. So she’s watching him, and probably even eats correctly. We love beautiful girls, but not each of them is of interest and gets the proud title of «Friend». However, Anna Sakharov received the title not just.

First, she is very sexy, and therefore gets on the cover, removed the clips and emblazoned on the website of Playboy Russia. Secondly, Anna is well versed in the wine beverages and now is being trained by a sommelier — overarching skills, really. Thirdly, our Sakharov — art historian by training, and has for 12 years regularly takes part in archaeological excavations, probably with this friend you can easily talk on the theme of Ancient Rome, Greece and Ancient Russia. The conversations will go beyond stereotypes and popular but erroneous opinions — only the real story.

But okay, we wrap it up talking about the merits of a friend and suggest you to watch her hot pics, which she kindly gave to our editorial.

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