Friend Alla Berger

We found another charming compatriot, who was invited to the Legion of our friends — her name is Alla Berger, and she gladly agreed to share their photos. There is a high probability that it knows your own girlfriend, but not because is jealous because Alla participated in the popular show «the Bachelor.» We just found out, by the way. In men’s circles, she is known as a professional model in the Nude. Her pictures really turn out great — not vulgar, but sexy.

Alla Berger, a native of Podolia, the Tver city. But for a long time in its native habitat it is not delayed, decided to storm Moscow. As a weapon, she uses her elegant appearance, with which we can distinguish not only graceful figure, but damn attractive eyes. Tattoo girl added, as traditional values, wants a family, caring husband and more opportunities to work in the photographic industry. We wish her success.

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