Friedrich Nietzsche… Because Zarathustra


In contact a variety of phrases, seems to be smart. They were really very clever and original, but due to the fact that they are in a huge amount of drag on the wall of different girls, they have lost their luster, sharpness and toughness.

Strangely enough, most of the quotations is from the pen of Friedrich Nietzsche, usually as smart as people are constantly quoting him, but here’s the problem: these people are unlikely to read the primary sources! But why do they still quote phrases that are actually taken out of the text (for example, about women and the whip, Nietzsche actually very good they were treated, when he said that the perfect woman is better than a perfect man) and do not have the same meaning which the author laid in it originally. All this is because Nietzsche is very eloquent — it is very pleasant to read, rather, it just read, it is bright, Paphos, was in life a great speaker, which gave him the ability to easily persuade their opponents (and then they quietly hate because of the crowd). If desired, any out-of-context phrase can be an argument in support of conservatism, liberalism, Buddhism, atheism and even Christianity (although Nietzsche was strongly against Christianity and religion in General). Only when you read the books of Nietzsche, you understand that this was the man that was his philosophy, why it is not fascism and why Nietzsche is such a significant figure in the world of philosophy.

Intelligent people largely disagree with Nietzsche, but here’s the paradox: he could agree with where a lot of things, and all because of wonderful and clever ideas of Friedrich Nietzsche enough.

Despite the common stereotype, Nietzsche was not an evil psychopath. He was a man of exceptional intellectual abilities, but very weak health. At the age of 10 years he has been interested in mythology, philosophy, theology — in short, all the things children usually are not interested. As a student of the University of Bonn, Nietzsche has managed to become a teacher, which was an exceptional case in European education. Student he studied and taught. And got money for it! In parallel, Friedrich tried to influence their student comrades, but they quickly retreated from the smart guy who was trying to teach them life.


All the strangeness of Nietzsche was from health problems. From childhood he suffered from severe headaches, up to 30 years of age Friedrich became almost blind, that did not add adequacy. We can say that this is why his philosophy is so aggressive what to do when you have a wicked headache? And yet Nietzsche was a bad heredity: father was suffering from seizures.


Relationships with women Nietzsche was also — contrary to rumors. Of course, most of them he preferred the company of harlots. But Lou salomé, a writer and psychiatrist, Nietzsche was, frankly, passionately in love, even married she’s called, but she refused, saying that it will ruin their friendship. Fatal woman was! In fact, Nietzsche thought that this lady is the perfect woman: smart, beautiful, femme — that’s just the friendship they have failed too: prevented the sister of Nietzsche. Under the influence of Lou comes into the world most well-known work of Friedrich — «thus spake Zarathustra».


What you need to know about the philosophy of Nietzsche? It is important to understand that he is a scholar and therefore a lot of attention paid to the narrative style, making it truly impressive.

Nietzsche despised any religion, especially Christianity, but a very positive attitude to Jesus when he said that the last Christian died on the cross. Also Nietzsche’s positive attitude in Buddhism, that religion generally is not considered. To read about the relation of Nietzsche to religion in the essay «anti-Christian. The curse of Christianity.»

The philosopher is very worried about the origin of morality. He often said that all morality is artificial in nature (except for very obvious things like «thou shalt Not kill») and need to keep the lower class in subjection to the higher. Nietzsche’s reflections on the subject set forth in the «Genealogy of morality».

The will to power, for Nietzsche, is the main acting force. In fact, it is not the will to seize power, and the will to power, the complexity of all the parts of evolution and the power. And then over the other. Nietzsche was sure that the crowd is not good, even if it is for you.

The theme of Superman is one of the main creativity in Nietzsche. He believed that humanity is the transitional link between APE and something more. He said that man is something that shall be surpassed. Not to be confused with Hitler’s desire to kill the inferior races and create a higher. Superman — a being without race, but has exceptional abilities that stands outside morality. Simply put, it is an exceptionally noble creature that shares knowledge with others. And has the will of steel. And much more. All of this can be obtained from «thus spoke Zarathustra».

Nietzsche actually died in a mental hospital, but in the last years of his life to it has come the recognition. We believe that he has earned.

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