French vs crocodile


Sailors have always been a special caste. As it so happened, I can’t really explain why. I think that is not necessary.

It turns out that even French sailors are incredibly cool. Especially the sailor John Galeran, who attacked the crocodile. The man from France was on business in Australia and peacefully splashing in some local Bay a few metres from the shore.

Dude didn’t realize what happened when a huge saltwater crocodile attacked him from behind. His scary teeth slashed the sailor’s neck, but this tough guy was not taken aback. John bare hands and smashes a huge six-metre crocodile, until it is gone (!). This guy is full hell seriously defeated a giant crocodile with his bare hands. And they were both in the water. Joanna will be exactly what to tell the children.

The markings on the body of Galerina left, but they are quite small. If the crocodile was large or Joanna would not be so strong, to be his lunch for the giant reptiles. And this is not good.



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