Freelance and removable hat: work from home is a dream?

Working from home is the dream of youth and not only, or not? Nowadays you have a lot of opportunities to work at home, ranging from publishing fake reviews on any website, to design work, writing complex articles in serious publishing houses and other things. But really freelance it’s so cool how everyone’s talking about it? Above you have no control, you can do serious work in Slippers and with the cat on his lap. You can’t even wear pants! Moreover, I can assure you that in the world of remote work pants are not welcome. You can eat in the process, you don’t have to quit and go for a walk around the city, you can do anything. The main thing — to do the work. As a person who has two years of experience in the field of freelancing and that seems to be safely done with her, I’ll tell you, it’s not as cool as you think.

1. Your sleep schedule is slowly spreading

Get up for work early in the morning — this is complete bullshit. Everyone knows how bad it is! But this has its advantages. Until you send me in a certain direction, I note that a significant advantage of such a schedule that he inadvertently disciplinary. When I need to go somewhere, I rarely go to bed after 12 hours. This files most often at 00:10. But since I know that I need to work out at the gym after work for about an hour, I try to carve out 8 hours of healthy sleep. When I work from home, schedule blurred. I can get up at 8 o’clock in the morning, work for an hour and go to bed again. Sometimes when I was doing a lot of work in one sitting, I have decided that I need a vacation. I sat at the game, watched some Comedy TV shows or videos on the Internet, out round the area, had dinner or went to the gym. Suddenly, I found that it was already evening, and half the work was not done. I sat at the computer and in emergency mode worked almost until 4 am. Then I went to bed, not even undressing.

The second unpleasant thing to stand in the second half of the day. Yeah, that sounds cool, but when you Wake up after noon, you start to feel overwhelmed, and you don’t want that, because you have to work.

2. You have to be disciplined

In office work there is one drawback, which is a kind of dignity. If you’ve done all the work that is weighing on you this day, you still have a little time for yourself. Would you love to come home but can’t because he must serve some time. But you can read the news, books or to get out on But in the case of freelancing you’re losing your bread. Wages of freelancer depends on the orders that he received. Are you or do everything or be left with much less money than you would like. In the case of work in the office, you get the same amount of money. Just like in the Soviet Union: well do you make the bikes bad: what’s the difference?

3. You’ll probably get fat

So, the office is also quite the temptation. For example, when near your office McDonald’s and the closest dining room is expensive and pretty far away. But remember how you felt in the workplace the hunger, but instead continued to work, because you’re too lazy to go somewhere, go down the Elevator, and the quarterly reports themselves will not clean up. Then your hunger fades, and you realize that your stomach is just greedy m…K

In the case of freelancing you is not obstructed. When you feel hungry, you just go to the native refrigerator to catch something. What do you spend more time sitting at the computer, also suggests. Sometimes 8 hours is the standard working day you can spend 12 hours at the computer, and then stand up and feel what it means to «fear of the white light and stayed the ass.» During a long freelance get-togethers I was served my ass, and that’s too long not felt. As legs.

The most unpleasant that I have two years gained about 7 pounds though, and threw for six months, but it was still unpleasant. Worst: due to the lack of time to go to the gym I have decreased muscle mass and there was a nasty little belly, which, IMHO, much worse big.

4. Less money

I still don’t understand how should I pay money when I lived on ordering. At that time I had a long one permanent customer and a few small ones that are constantly changing. The first customer was with me the contractual amounts of work, but each time everything turned out differently. If every time I got the amount of money is less than expected, I hardly continued udalenku so long, but sometimes the results were really interesting. One day, three days, I raised 15 thousand rubles. But next time I raised three weeks about eight. But pleasant surprises were much more, so I kept this job for almost two years until I got tired. I now earn on average much more than in the days of freelancing, but most importantly: I make constantly the same amount of money. I don’t have to tremble from thinking that this month the firm cancelled a contract with me, because with me nothing in common. I don’t have to tremble from the fact that the next customer will take the order and not pay me the other half. Of course I have to worry, but not as much as before.

5. No one believes that you work

When I worked as a freelancer, I shared an apartment with a couple guy/girl. Those dudes were my friends, I hardly talked in person and on abstract themes. These two were sure that I sit on the neck of his mother, as he never seen me at home near the computer with the creepy red eyes. Many people don’t understand what it means to work remotely. Until now! If you seriously think that in the XXI century, and everybody knows that you can work remotely, you are very much mistaken. 20-year-old girls staring at me when I told you I worked at home remotely. They did not understand how it looks, and if and realized that I was assured that I do not earn more than 5 thousand per month.

My neighbors, on the one hand, were right. They saw how I was eating before the computer, read some news, went somewhere and listened to music. It’s not like a real job, and everyone who has a «real job», not take freelancing seriously. You don’t have an annoying boss, you don’t have to get up in the morning, you’re like…the ball system, is it popular! You can’t complain that you’re really tired, because you spent the whole day at home. In your weary little hard to believe.

Of course, freelancing has a lot of nice things, if you really know how to manage your time. But even that won’t save you from landslide Zhirkov. In a nutshell: every modern man needs to experience the era of freelancing. This is useful, this is a great new experience. But to stay on freelancing for over five years personally I don’t see the point.

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