Free ways to improve their professional skills

You can work in two ways: bad and good. If you work poorly, even twenty hours of continuous sitting on office chair will not save you — you’ll just exhaust yourself, and so did not fulfill the responsibility. If you work well, with chairs you will have problems, because they will have to change due to periodic increases.

Of course, not every job is assessed on professional qualities. There are many nuances of interpersonal persuasion. For example, a boss can easily put in place your boss his friend or girlfriend, which is really nothing and does not understand. However, if you take the professional life in General, your position in proportion to the work skills that you possess. These skills can be developed free of charge. Without any training and books. And this is done in the following way.

Set the sleep mode


You have to learn to sleep. With this problem often experienced by people who can’t jump over your head. They just lose a fifth of their working day, the final awakening. But it should not be. If you’re at work, to nod you should not.

A way out of this situation we have traditional. Force yourself to go to sleep early and Wake up early. Limit the impact of various screens on your eyes. When you Wake up in the morning, you should have a couple hours of free time that could be spent not just for the shower and cooking, and on moral training to work. If you learn how to sleep, will be able to efficiently use energy.

Build system

Appreciate your working day. How many hours? Suppose that eight. But how much do you really spend time to work? Do you have moments when you can’t understand what to take, and everything goes wrong? We have. Everyone knows this problem: the mechanic, the plumber, and the golfer, and hotel Manager.

This problem is solved in the following way. Try to develop a system of the working day. You need to take a few large tasks and break them into smaller ones, which are very clear and do not require from you a lot of concentration of the mental powers. You perform one small task, then another, then another — everything is automated to the maximum level. If faced with a work problem, then also break it into several tasks. No need to fuss, even when we are talking about some important project. Any fuss — a stick in the wheels of a professional. So try to simplify their working tasks and do everything calmly and systematically. Even in the work is the system.

Analyze errors


Every employee makes mistakes. In some professions they may cost a person’s life. For example, if you’re a surgeon. And if you’ve made a mistake, then it’s time to record, carefully record all the details and analyze. So, the error might be a Fluke, but most often the error is a result of the wrong actions which you naively continue to perform.

People rarely link their work error-specific activity. But if you start to create a diary of their error, where will be the place for a detailed analysis, then you will be surprised how every mistake is eloquent. One will tell you that you don’t understand the ethics of business communication. Another tells you about the gaps in your technical education. The third error will tell about the physiological problems of your body which led into the hall at work. Here, as in psychology: if you recognize the problem and know where the legs grow, you have almost solved it. Therefore, analyze their business blunders, try to find cause and effect, and we are sure that your professionalism will be sharper and brighter.

Not rezgui experience

We are surrounded by the old-timers on which we laugh, because they don’t think like us, and even give one blunder after another. But the truth is, what they think about you the same way. All these people who have something to whisper and laugh when you’re three hours looking at a small display of the phone, all they know about the world than you are. This must be used.

The old-timers are not those who are older than you, and those who are more experienced. They can be on the lower position. They may be losers, but they have a lot to learn. The best teacher of life is not the one who made a million dollars, and the one who lost it. A negative experience giving you a rare opportunity not to repeat it.

To summarize, listen to people, even if they seem like a very silly and strange. At work listen to the people three times. If they give you advice, say «thank you» and eagerly put them in his piggy brain. Even bad advice when appropriate assessment can help your career.

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