Free tickets for «Nymphomaniac»… for babies


They say that children grow up very quickly. These children will grow up even faster.

A scandalous tape of Lars Von Trier’s «Nymphomaniac» took the scandal in almost all countries of the world, especially in Russia. I, incidentally, never looked. It is unknown what expected dudes from new York city’s Independent cinema when he made the campaign «Children up to two years for «Nymphomaniac. Part 1.» admission is free». Of course, mom immediately shook himself, like how children can show sex, violence and other questionable content? It also adversely affects the child’s psyche and all that. Huge drama occurred scratch, and the dudes from cinema is needed. However, someone brought their 7-month-old child on the tape, spluttered, indignant and went home. The rating of this film, by the way, NC-17.

The owners kinoteatra and other comrades do not see anything wrong at a very reasonable reason: not so long ago it has been proven that children don’t form any memories before two years. Some even up to 4. That is such crap.

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