Free online courses for learning foreign languages


We know that you’re the guy advanced and versatile, so certainly one of your Hobbies is at least a couple more hours for watching TV shows, often in original language with Russian subtitles. Alas, but I hasten to disappoint: maybe it gives you the opportunity to enjoy the pronunciation of Peter Dinklage and Bryan Cranston, but certainly does not help in understanding a foreign language.

In trying to understand a foreign language, to meet someone, to find a job abroad or just to keep up with fashion, most immediately drown in the flow of services that «teach» the language on a primitive level, often to «all» instead of having to adapt the skills of the person. The situation becomes more complicated when the transaction or hotel reservation must demonstrate knowledge of Portuguese or Portuguese — for many languages there is still no appropriate easy.


Nice indeed, when training is entirely in your smartphone and computer, and all the necessary knowledge on shelves and do not need to spend too much time on «studying» that I remember from the first grade. Even nicer when it’s all free. SpeakASAP decided to go the smart way and did its guests an offer impossible to refuse.


To get involved in the study and learn all the advantages of this service, who, for example, you might download the program or open a website on your computer. Then have to make hard, Oh, hard) choice in favor of one of three courses, each of which is designed for a certain level of knowledge, the degree to which the desire not only to teach but to have fun, as well as those who like to do everything by the rules.

All my troubles seemed so far away…

And here you have chosen the course. Forgot to say: all the service 18 languages — from Chinese to Greek, Polish and Turkish. Each category has its own set of similar courses. We decided to study both English, German and French.

The basic course is everywhere: it includes only 7, but very capacious and useful lessons. Then you and the verbs and times, and even tips on proper language learning. That is, if you’re a beginner and you’re standing in front of a huge new world.We would, of course, do not even have to advise this service, if they had not had the opportunity to hear practical lessons with the pleasant female voice of a native speaker. But the opportunity is there, and free.

Moreover, there are video materials and texts for reading in the evenings. All this is included in the initial lessons for those who want to master the level «pre-intermediate» to suddenly surprise your faithful perfect pronunciation, ordering a Cup of latte in an Italian café.

Now it looks as though they’re here to stay…

If you’re a man hardened and know how to tell time and ask directions to the nearest strip joint foreign, then you better pay attention to the «music» course. Here you will surely find your favorite songs with a full translation of all words and phrases. The beauty is that it is karaoke, or be troubled, no one need sing along and learn, and all. Besides, there is not only text, but also clips with subtitles (in the target language!). And if you do not understand something, it is enough to include an audio explanation from a professional.


By the way, in future the Germans instead this section has a course for children also includes songs, but study more rare languages such as Czech or Finnish, will have to look for folk art. The Chinese section is also done without music, but admit it: we never heard good singing Chinese, not to mention the Czechs and the Finns.

Oh, I believe in yesterday…

Well, if you’re curious and love to learn not only conversational style, and want to write correctly and without errors in grammar, and you, this is the appropriate course. And let you not afraid of this terrible, known from school, the word «grammar» — even if you’re not good at perseverance, at SpeakASAP managed to explain «on fingers» difficult and obscure terms and rules.

A nice bonus for the French: in addition to grammar can be learned and the phonetics — it’s still music.

Will need quite a bit of time to newbies to learn the basics, and fans improved their knowledge. After these courses the desire to advance to higher skill appears by itself, it is easy, informative and fun language acquisition to find anywhere else is not possible. For those who don’t like to stop there and is ready for new heights in this service, you can find individual courses, mini-courses on Skype and whatnot.

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