Frank Sinatra


We had articles about notable writers, wrestlers, actors, scientists, philosophers, and notable singers were not. But we well sat and thought about it and decided to write about one of the coolest of them. And somehow we are immediately reminded of Frank Sinatra.

Frank Sinatra became synonymous with good taste, proper male romance and style. What style and toughness this guy enough. When Frank died, the Newspapers wrote: «To hell with the calendar. The day when he died Frank Sinatra — this is the end of the XX century». To obtain such an assessment from the usually cynical press is expensive, however, he deserved it.


It was called the Voice, and all because when he sang, everyone who heard it, regardless of gender, race and age, thought he sings only for him. His incredible coolness and manner to speak fascinate both men and women (we even say especially them).

Frank was a child of the First World war. The mother gave birth to him with great difficulty, of course — it weighed about 6 kilos, the doctor pulled him into the light tongs, so at Frank’s entire life is covered in scars. He grew up in a highly criminal area, was involved in some dark deeds, but in the future played in his popularity: everybody was sure that his fame was fueled by mafia. But who knows, maybe it was true?

He tried different professions: a radio announcer, a waiter, but when he won a local talent contest with his silky voice, I knew he would be a singer. War with Germany was not called — Frank Sinatra was a broken eardrum. But despite this, many soldiers believe that he helped them in his own way: his songs on the radio raised the spirit fought against fascism to incredible heights.

Frank starred in the movie, and I must say, successfully for the film «Now and forever» Frank Sinatra received the «Oscar». He was also the Director of a movie «Only the brave», for which he received numerous awards. Talented was hell!

Frank had a lot of women, however, is not to say that he treated them as «used and dumped» — dude their sincere respect: «I have to have a PhD on women. But in fact, I failed more often than not. I love women, I admire them. But, like all men, I do not understand them.» By the way, Frank was married 4 times. And these were real beauties!

Ava Gardner - Krishna squadAva Gardner — ex-wife

The dependence of the stage and the audience Frank Sinatra, you could say, was a disastrous stage. He retired from the stage in 1971, but was not able to go fully: he loved his audience, and came back the next year. Act he had with the teleprompter because of memory issues, but he was still impressed. As the destruction of the Coliseum.

Many Americans consider him an ideal man — strong, proud, independent person who did not hesitate to help people. Frank Sinatra donated a lot of money (that billion) to help heavy patients, for cancer and other dangerous diseases. Anthem strong personality was the song «I go its own way» («I Did it My Way»), listen to her, you might like this.


Sam Frank believed that the man do a few things: suit, hat, good job and a lonely drinking on the weekends. You can argue, but why argue with Frank Sinatra?

He lived a surprisingly long and eventful life and died at the age of 82 from a heart attack. On his tombstone there is an interesting inscription: «the Best is yet to come» (The Best Is Yet to Come). Is to believe it.


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