Frames for photos with their hands

Frames for photos with their hands — always a perfect gift, even for girls, though for a dear bro, the main thing — to do well. Among other things, picture frames made by hand — a chance to show himself as a handy guy. Anyway photo frame — a useful thing in the economy.

Let’s discuss, dude, how to make a photo frame with their hands.

It is best to use in the manufacturing of solid colored cardstock. Go shopping for children’s creativity, man, it’s such a gorgeous stationery for sale! And since working with rainbow cardboard is very enjoyable for kids can connect to their younger sisters and brothers, well, or their children, bro.

Design for a homemade frame is limited only by your imagination. Any materials, any colors, you can even dry fish put a frame around if it’s like a loved one. The best design for frames for photos with their hands — decoupage technique. It is not so difficult, look it up if you want to learn it. For the beautiful decor you need beautiful iridescent napkins, a special glue and varnish for fixing the pictures.

Carefully cut the pattern and separate the top layer (it will be to decorate the frame), stick it to the frame. It can be an ornament on one side or over the entire area of the frame. When nuclease the whole picture, leave the frame to dry. Then just cut the picture from the top layer of lacquer.

Highly recommend you, for example, lay the photo frame with colored buttons on small legs, regular distressed button (look on the specialized website), painted with acrylic peas, shells and seafood, seeds of fruit and berries and all kinds of accessories for sewing. It is quite beautiful. You can also remember the school years, take salt dough to stick his figures, annealing in a kiln, and then paint different colors. Preferably acrylic, because it is very bright. You can also do with clay.

The frame is lined with seafood (sea stars, seashells, crabs) can be filled with primer or white acrylic, and on this white background to paint the individual elements. So did these guys

American children give their mothers on mother’s day picture frames, hand made and decorated with pasta, or painted, or already colored. It is quite interesting and childishly cute.

In addition, you can buy lots of bags of colored beads and large beads, and then spread the frame a thick layer of glue and place beads, seed beads and bugle beads in some meaningful picture, for example, in the figure of a beautiful girl in retro spirit.

For an old friend, you can make a frame, lined with old Sim cards, pieces of pictures, cards, tin cans under cans. If dude don’t like it, you can safely delete it from the list of friends. From tin can to make the sharp «pyramids» how did these dudes.

In the photo frame, made of cardboard, has a significant disadvantage, reflected in the fact that the frame is absolutely monolithic structure in the future can not be included in the design of complex decoration in the spirit of outstanding forward volume inclusions. Also on this frame is quite difficult to hang heavy decorative elements, such as shells, large macaroni, sea pebbles.

To your picture frames with their own hands stood a heavy load of pasta and shells, we invite you to pull on the cardboard and thick fabric such as jeans, that can be cut with the old, useless, trousers, and inside the resulting space to put a piece of filler for pillows, for example.

In General, each plug imagination and don’t forget to use pasta and high quality materials! Delight your loved ones with photo frame with your hands.

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