Four-year-old mayor

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Anything can happen to your United States of America. For example, a four-year boy has chosen… by the mayor. And to blame his Majesty the Case. Or as they say in the gaming crowd, the Korean random.

In Minnesota there is such a settlement in Dorset. In recent elections it won a 4-year-old boy named Robert tufts. How? Just a piece of paper with his name pulled out of a hat when choosing the mayor. Cool!

The new mayor has told, that loves to dance, swim and go fishing. And that he has a girlfriend her name is Sophia. In General, the inhabitants of the village of Dorset has much to be proud of: their mayor is a real man and a real boy. In all possible senses.

Of course, one little boy rule will not allow: the election of the mayor is a symbolic national holiday which has no real meaning, Dorset does not have its own municipality and its inhabitants choose their power solely on the fan.

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