Found the legendary burial ancient plague


Archaeologists have discovered the remains of the victims of an ancient epidemic in Egypt. Noteworthy is the fact that the ancient plague has left its mark on the creativity of local writers who firmly believed, observing the horror around that the world is ending.

The work of the team of the Italian archaeological mission over the burial complexes on the West Bank of the ancient city of Thebes (modern Luxor) in Egypt have led to the finding of the bodies, perfectly preserved due to the fact that they were covered with a thick layer of lime. Researchers have long thought what is the reason of using this amazing method of burial. It is known that this substance is used in order to prevent infection. The hunch was confirmed when I found three furnaces, which made the mixture, the traces of a giant bonfire with human remains and a huge crater where the burnt victims of the plague.

Pottery allowed the researchers to date the terrible event of the third century ad, a time when all the known ancient civilizations were swept by several epidemics, which are now called the «Plague of Cyprian». At the time they destroyed the Roman Empire, which included Egypt. Looks like an ancient country of the pharaohs did not escape the tragic fate.

This occurred in the range of about 250-271 BC, according to some, the Roman Empire killed more than 5,000 people a day.

The first remains of victims of the epidemic in Egypt was found in 1997. Now there is official proof of the existence of «Plague of Cyprian» in Egypt. The ancient burial ground was abandoned because the number of bodies that can accommodate it surpassed all limits. What caused the plague is still unknown, but researchers agree that this form of measles or smallpox. Is DNA testing of the remains.

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