Found ancient winged dinosaurs

Dudes, the scientists made another startling discovery. They dug up in Canada for three of the skeleton of the first winged dinosaurs!

Before this discovery it was believed that the wings of the evolutionary path came much later, but three of the skeleton was found completely refute all previous studies.

Three found of a dinosaur are the same species Ornithomimus edmontonicus, which is included in ornithomimosaurs, which is a hell resembling modern ostriches. Previously it was thought that these dinosaurs don’t have feathers, and have membranous wings, but to open the block by block canadian coarse yellowish Sandstone, the scientists found in the rock, strange bulges that resemble feathers. Two of the found skeletons belonged to adult individuals and one child. The adult dinosaurs the fore limbs was discovered appendages resembling wings, but, surprisingly, in adults, they were not!

First, animals are not used these limbs for flight, as the carcass of a dinosaur-ostrich weighed about 150 pounds.

The discovery well confirms the theory about the appearance of wings with puberty. According to this theory the wing was a tool to attract females during the mating games and was helpful in survival, like the peacock’s tail.


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