Found an extremely rare dinosaur

Scientists dudes don’t sit still, they managed to find an extremely strange animal. However, they found it 50 years ago, and only now is somehow attracted attention. Do not understand these scholars bro…

A strange creature some 200 million years. It looks incredibly strange, representing an accurate description of the concept of «intermediate branch of evolution.» The creature was bipedal, it was able to move quickly and a little tenacious of the upper limb. It resembled a cross between a porcupine and the hare.

Its size – less than 60 cm in length and weighs less than the domestic cat: 6.8 kg in the largest individuals. The most amazing dinosaur — his skin, which is a long bristle like porcupine quills. The animals jaw more like a beak.

The supporters of creationism there are no words, friend.


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