Fotoerotica — Ralph Gibson


«When You draw, you add to the already drawn new lines, points, and so on until you finish. When I photograph, I move around closer to exclude some of the items in the frame, then another, and closer, until the frame will not be only what I want. I «subtract» extra» — so says your images, Gibson.

Ralph Gibson is one of the most outstanding photographers of our time, his unique style is traditionally described as minimalist. He prefers, choosing one detail and cutting off all unnecessary. An important role in the works of Gibson is played by the contrast between light and shadow. Real people in the photos presented in such a way that, at times, more like an abstract composition than human beings, and the forms of the female body approach to architectural forms. You are going to shoot mainly on black and white film, considering that color is all too real and distracting attention from the form.

Gibsonesque work in the genre of «Nude» are very different from what we used to see in erotic pictures.

«I never take that particular woman. Her face, temperament, character. Not trying to find some new nuance in each model. I am attracted to the abstract beauty of the female body. Something elusive perfection that can be found in almost every woman» — says the photographer.

Ralph Gibson was born 16 January 1939 in Los Angeles. His father at one time worked as an assistant Director, including Hitchcock’s movies, so little Ralph was often present on set.

Studying photography Gibson began in 1956 while serving in the naval forces of the United States. In 1960, he continued to study photography at the California school of fine arts. After a year Ralph left school to become an assistant to Dorothea Lange. In 1967, he moved from San Francisco to new York, where he worked as an operator at Robert Franco in the film «me and my brother.» Gibson even managed to visit a staff photographer with the Agency Magnum, but pretty soon he realized that the photo wasn’t his path and decided to take a creative photograph that eventually brought him international fame.

Since the release of the first super successful album Gibson’s «La Sonnambula» in 1970, the photographer produces one book every two years. His work is regularly presented in private collections and municipal galleries, and seventy-five years old photographer long been recognized as a classic of photography.

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