Fotoerotica — Nobuyoshi Araki

manygoodtips.com_19.05.2014_LPpHm8IgHpJttNobuyoshi Araki — Japanese photographer, a master of «intimate» photos, one of the most popular Asian photographers in the world. Some critics accused the flamboyant work of Araki in provocation and violation of all possible taboos, others praising them as a continuation of the ancient Japanese tradition of erotic prints Shunga.

Araki was born in 1940 in Tokyo. His first camera — «Baby Pearl» — he got 12 years as a gift from his father, who was fond of photography. In 1959, the future photographer was admitted in the faculty of engineering of Chiba University Department of photography and cinema. And in 1963, received a bachelor’s degree and began working in the advertising Agency «Dentsu». His first award from the magazine «Taiyo» Araki received a year later for a series of shots to schoolchildren. In 1965, in Tokyo hosted the first solo exhibition of the photographer, the theme for the exhibition were also pictures of children.

In 1971 the first album came out Araki under the name «Sentimental journey».

It included pictures with the participation of the wife of the photographer taken during the honeymoon. From this point Araki finally defined its artistic tastes and a year later resigned from «Dentsu», devote himself to «intimate» photos.

On account of the photographer a great number of personal exhibitions in America and Europe, but in Japan, Araki has repeatedly been accused of pornography. His exhibitions were closed, photos of confiscated, seized all copies of the books. However, the scandals, as we know, only contribute to the strengthening of glory.

Today Araki is a living classic, and the ambiguous reaction of the audience that still cause his pictures, only helps to maintain the interest in his work.

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