Fotoerotica — Mark Arbeit


Like many other photographers, about which we wrote in «Fotoerotica», mark Arbeit in his work is not confined to one genre of erotic or Nude photography. It owes its popularity to fashion and advertising photography. However, we are not interested in commercial Arbeit, but Arbeit is an artist, his old-fashioned black-and-white photos documenting the beauty and fragility of the naked female body.

Mark Arbeit was born in 1953 in Chicago. While training at Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, he was fortunate enough to meet with Helmut Newton. Newton took the Arbeit to work as an assistant. At the end of College, mark moved to new York, where he secured a position as assistant to Irving Penn. Of communication with two meters Arbeit learned his major lesson: «Photography is light«. At Penn, he learned to work with reflected light, in addition, he is forever addicted to the natural world.

Career fashion photographer began to emerge after 1985, Arbeit moved to Paris, and the popularity came to him after a series titled «Out of Focus» («focus»), outside the box reveals the similarities of the woman and the flower. Mark Arbeit talks about his design: «I wanted to show the figure out of focus and force the viewer to complete the image, to create something illusory«. A few pictures of this famous series you will see in our collection.

Now the photographer lives and works in Hawaii.

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