Fotoerotica — Marc Lagrange


«I usually try to work to show scenes where there is a hidden charm, innocence libertine, free paradox secrets where the woman plays a great role in any situation, day after day, and feelings are expressed with body language, «says their images of Marc Lagrange.

Lagrange was born in 1957, lives and works in Belgium. In the beginning of his artistic career in the 80 years of the twentieth century he was shooting mostly landscapes. A little later came the interest in the Nude. The first models for erotic shooting agreed to pose Lagrange for a nominal fee, even then his work was strikingly different from most pictures of erotic photographers — they did not have a single gram of vulgarity.

Photos of Lagrange have the charm of the old cinema, the aesthetics of surrealism in them is mixed with the elegance of Baroque paintings. For greater reliability of their retro-photography of the Lagrange uses the Polaroid and the old ways of getting photos.

Today, Lagrange is in the status of a living classic: the masters already four albums, his exhibitions are successful around the world, and the many glossy magazines regularly publish pictures of the photographer.

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