Fotoerotica — Lucien Clergue


«Clergue witnessed the birth of Aphrodite«—these words of Jean Cocteau is the best describe the main theme all pictures of the photographer in the Nude. Naked female body on clergue’s photographs appears as a part of the natural landscape or, rather, a product of this landscape. The woman in clergue’s child elements, and photography — a way of understanding this is not available to man the degree of closeness of women and nature.

Lucien Clergue was born in 1934 in Arles, France. In 15 years, the boy became interested in photography. Photography Lucian taught a local Baker-photographer. In 1953 Clergue filmed bullfights in Arles. Then there was a landmark meeting, in many respects, changed the fate of the photographer. Lucien Clergue met Pablo Picasso and had received his support.

Real glory, the photographer has brought a series of «Naked sea,» launched in 1956. In 1967, after a number of exhibitions, these works were published as a separate album. Then Clergue Lucien and Jean-Marie Rochetto managed to open the photo Department at the Museum of Reattu. So the General public had the opportunity to get acquainted with the works of Edward Weston, man ray and many other masters of photography. In 1968 Clergue and Rockett with the support of the writer Michel Tournier, founded the festival «International photography meeting in Arles». In 1982, also in his native Arles with the filing of clergue’s was founded by the national school of photography. Until 1999 he taught there. In addition to the work in France, Clergue has lectured on photography at Italy, Spain, USA and at Harvard.

To date, published more than 75 books of clergue’s, photographer as well made as directed 20 short films, for which he was awarded the Louis Lumière and was nominated for «Oscar». And his works are in private collections and the collections of major museums.

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