Fotoerotica — Jean-Francois Anvil


Erotic Jean-françois Jonville devoid of aggression and provocative, have no place in it, and a surreal view of the human body. But there is real psychological insight and sincerity, which is so often lacking in erotic photos. Girl Gonville gentle and natural, and do pictures don’t look staged — but demonstrative of affectation, which is so like other masters of fotoerotica, Anvil offers pictures, made as if by accident. They have the sensuality of the moment as if, against the will of the photographer, caught in the lens of his camera.

Jean-Francois Anvil was born in 1943 in Cavillion. In 1959 he met the photographer Georges Glasberg, with whom he was to tour France, shooting mostly Church architecture. In 1963, at the age of 20 years Anvil received the position of assistant photographer to Richard Avedon. After a while, Jean-Francois began to work independently, focusing on shooting the female Nude.

By the time of his death in 2002, Jean-françois Anvil was already an acknowledged classic pictures that had numerous solo exhibitions in Paris and beyond, some full albums, and it is clear that the love of the audience around the world.

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