Fotoerotica — Helmut Newton

manygoodtips.com_12.05.2014_3nBg4gSUhZX3BHelmut Newton is a recognized classic of erotic photography. His images graced the pages of leading glossy magazines: Vogue, Playboy, Harper’s Bazaar.

«I shot for Playboy magazine for twenty years, and even for them, my work was too risky, «wrote the photographer.

Helmut Newton was born in 1920 in a suburb of Berlin. In recognition of the photographer, he soon began to be interested in the fairer sex. In the three years he liked to spy, disguised as a nanny, and later he was addicted to mens magazines who stole from his older brother. In 1932 the money saved little Newton purchased his first camera Agfa Tegnor Box. Of the eight captured frames on the ground in his life, the film was released only last. But the desire of a boy to become a photographer nothing could change.

After school, the mother of the helmet arranged for him to apprentice to well-known Berlin woman-photographer — Willow. A young man helped in the implementation of shooting for magazines, creating portraits of celebrities, as well as were directories of women’s underwear.

In 1938 in connection with the change of the political situation in Germany, the family of the Newtons were forced to emigrate: the father and mother went to South America, and eighteen-year-old Helmut is in China, where got a job as a photojournalist in local newspaper. Two weeks later, Newton fired for incompetence. Soon after, the photographer went to Singapore, where he opened his first Atelier. However, to settle down, he failed there as well. In connection with the Japanese invasion of Siam Helmut together with other expats evacuated from the country, and he was in Australia, in the internment camp.

At the time of the war, photography had to be abandoned. Only in 1946 in Melbourne the young man again created a small photo Studio. His first attempts to get through to glossy publications with no success. The basic income, the photographer has shooting weddings and clothing catalogs. It happened, however, occasional publications in the Annex to Australian Vogue, which helped Newton to not lose faith in their own strength.

After a few years, the photographer decided to try his luck in Europe. First experience with the Paris Elle was also unfortunate for the beginner. Fortunately, Newton was not inclined to give up. He soon got the necessary contacts, in particular with the American Claude Virgina specializes in photographing Nudes. Largely under the influence of Virginia formed its own unique style of Newton — a bold combination of fashion and surrealist erotica.

Finally, in 1961, Newton was invited in the French Vogue. The status of the newcomer finally went into the past, to the ideas of Newton listened, the editor gave him complete creative freedom. The era of «Newtonian» pictures in glossy magazines.

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