Fotoerotica — Guenter Knop


It would be a mistake to call Gunter knop erotic photographer in its purest form. Stylistically his work is extremely diverse and definitely exceeds the limits of one genre. The work of knop with a naked female nature continue the tradition of a surreal series of Nude bill Brandt Perspective and photos of the experiments since the Bauhaus. Some snapshots of the artist is clearly reminiscent of the paintings of Picasso, some — a clear reference to the works of the early Surrealists, collage Laszlo Mahou-Nagy, as well as to the classics of world photography such as Horst P. Horst, man ray and many others. Naked female body in photographs knop is often almost architectural, geometric, part of an abstract composition.

Guenter Knop was born in 1954 in Bremen. After graduating from the University Christian-Albrechts-he went to work in the Studio Charlotte March in Hamburg, where he performed the duties of assistant photographer in 1979-1980. After a year of traveling around the world, Gunther settled in new York. For a long time he worked side by side with Henry wolf, art Director for Esquire and Harper’s Bazaar. Together they created a variety of advertising projects. Now Guenter Knop owns his own Studio in Manhattan, where rents and their wonderful work.

By the way, his models, the photographer selects no in the professional environment, and finds among the ordinary residents of new York.

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