Fotoerotica — Enzo Dinolfo

This guy is still quite young (born in 1987), but he managed to get the hang of photographing naked girls. He loves working with the camera and is good at it, but Enzo does not like to be photographed, so his image is almost impossible to find. Very mysterious guy, but what’s the difference what’s going on in his head, if he creates a miracle and his work is pleasing to the eye.

His work clothes are almost always unnecessary, he’s not looking for complex ways, and makes a wonderful out of everyday things. Enzo serious approach to the choice of models, props, locations. He is like a young romantic who is obsessed with the details.

He says that the female figure for him like poetry. He reads girls like beautiful poems and tries to transmit this atmosphere in my photos.

What would the guy himself had no idea his work is all before deserve your attention. If you don’t care about the art, it is not exactly spit on beautiful naked girls.

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