Fotoerotica — Christian Koine


Besides the glory advertising photographer that arose as a result of successful cooperation with many famous brands, Christian Koine known to the world as adept at the classic black-and-white film photography. During the last 30 years it takes exquisite Nude in the best traditions of the old masters and still lifes, and portraits (mainly of celebrities in front of his lens, his time there was Jean-Luc Godard, John Malkovich, Charles Bukowski), landscapes, reportages… the Word works in almost all known genres of photography.

Christian Coyne was born in 1946 in Lausanne, Switzerland. At the age of twenty years he went to photography school, however, after only a few months, dumped her and moved to San Francisco.

In San Francisco, Christian spent 5 years, most of that time he spent in finding customers. One day the photographer offered to shoot a commercial for Levi’s. Thus began the «advertising» career of the photographer. In addition to a successful career start, America discovered, Coyne photographer Georgia o’keeffe and painter Edward hopper. Their works inspire Christian to this day.

After 5 years spent in the United States, Christian returned to his native Lausanne. Here he opened his own Studio, which is now working.

His portfolio includes dozens of promotional work, including shooting for giants such as Hermès, Chopard, Maurice Lacroix, and many non-commercial projects.

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