Fotoerotica — Andre De Dien


Andre De Dien remember the world of photography through images of a young Marilyn Monroe. However, in addition to portraits of the diva, his portfolio includes works in such genres as fashion, photo, landscape, portrait, and amazing inspirational, sophisticated Nude that we are going to introduce you to.

Where Dien was born in 1913 in Transylvania. 15 years after the suicide of his mother, Andre left home. For several years he travelled, mostly on foot. Once in Tunisia, Where Dien acquired his first camera — a 35 mm Retina.

In 1933, Andre settled in Paris, where he acquired a Rolleiflex and finally began to study photography seriously. Soon his career took off De Dien became a photographer for the Associated Press, and in 1938, the editor of Esquire, Arnold Gingrich, offered him a job in new York. In addition to fruitful collaboration with Esquire, during his stay in the United States, Where Dien was shooting for Vogue and Life, and in their spare time, Andre traveled to the States and recorded on film for the indigenous inhabitants of the American continent, — Indians of the hopi and Navajo.

In 1944, with fashion photography it was over. Where is Dien moved to California, where he began to specialize in Nudes and landscapes. At the same time he tried himself in the genre of the portrait: Elizabeth Taylor, Ingrid Bergman, Ronald Reagan and many other stars of the times hit the lens Where Diena.

In 1945, life photographer’s new Muse — the nineteen year old Norma Jeane Baker, better known as Marilyn Monroe. The meeting resulted in a whirlwind romance, and numerous photos on the covers of magazines around the world. Their creative collaboration continued until 1953.

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