Foster: the kitchen, the charger for the iPhone

manygoodtips.com_3.08.2015_KGMmTexjlhHqcWhy not come up with for your iPhones, even charging extravagant. Like this for example: her appearance is very similar to an ordinary kitchen toaster for bread. This toaster has two certified MFI Lightning-to-USB connector. Thus, in the Foaster can charge two smartphone from Apple.

Unlike a traditional toaster, the Foaster smartphones will jump when they are fully charged. Handle for lowering has also decorative purpose. All you can do is to drop the smartphone in one of two unusual connectors on the docking station and wait until it charged.

manygoodtips.com_3.08.2015_nYQIcpXqqD31YWhy in the form of a toaster? So simple, according to the observations of the developers, the kitchen is one of the most convenient and frequently used places for charging smartphones. And supposedly, it’ll be easier to spend 79$ on this «toaster» than to bring in the other room charging.

You can say that this is a pretty old gadget. And I do not care! Our regular reader Irakli spyropoulos really asked to write about it. So, if you’re not interested, just like, share this post in social networks and continue to read our wonderful article.

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