Forward to independence!

manygoodtips.com_8.04.2015_Ugx4PlcyxkzSkBut smart people have warned, do not Wake the sleeping beast, do not support Kosovo’s independence, a chain reaction will go! But no, the pundits have made Kosovo gave, and here is the «sleeping dwarves» woke up. Began to demand independence with a vengeance. Recently held a referendum on Scottish independence. However, common sense prevailed, and the Scots remain in the United Kingdom. But other regions are not satisfied, and, throwing cheap pathos, playing major generals to take a hand broom instead of a gun, and go to storm the Winter until they are caught by the police. Who remembers the Crimea, Ossetia. And we recall other «powder keg» of old Europe.

And so, we know that such regions are much larger. But trust, for once, all of them hard to remember. Just trust me. We know about the Hong Kong, South Sudan, and the like.


In General, Spain’s wildly happened to be Spain. 9 separate regions!!! 9!!! And 4 of them have their offices in neighboring France. Solar autonomy of Valencia, the birthplace of flamenco is Andalusia, Mallorca island and mountain Aragorn – all down bored of the old noble families of the region and young people to take up the flags with the inscription «Stop feeding Madrid» and get the desired independence. However, they have hardly anything happens. First, even in the case of administrative buildings will fly the Spanish flag and a bunch of locals will come to power, they will not survive. NATO will not help them to establish peace and to build military bases. Because all long since been built. Generally there is no benefit. Secondly, in the local Parliament of the separatist party scored a maximum of 10-15% of the vote. So sleep would old Spain safely, if not one big BUT. These «But» two things: they are called Catalonia and the Basque country. And they have a long and successful drink the blood of the guards territorial integrity.

Basque Country

No connection with the famous singer, as far as I know, this country has no. There are very sociable, nice, big-nosed, but it is intolerable to a proud people, most of whom words «Hispanic» is synonymous with «shit». The Basques, who came to Spain before the Visigoths and Arabs, when they laid the foundations of the state, I believe that does not have to obey the metropolis, because the ancient and ethnically nothing to do with these upstarts. Sitting at home in the mountains, forge swords, cast bullets and slowly organize terrorist attacks. And incite them to this variety of aggressive-minded organizations a sample of ETA – Euskadi Ta Askatasuna, «Basque Country and freedom». In the interval from 1968 to 2009, made more than 4,000 terrorist attacks, which killed 828 people. Now they calmed down a bit, do not blow up more officials, but the desire to get the coveted freedom remained.

There is one more catch. Many of the Basques living on the French territory. The famous Bay of Biscay is named after a small but proud nation, which has long been out there fishing. And in fact, pretty poizdevalsya over Madrid, Bilbao and Victoria-Gasteiz (capital of region) will have every chance if the referendum is successful in another province that wants to secede.


If we go with the flags «Stop feeding the Caucasus», in Catalonia, on the contrary, crazy on the topic «Stop feeding Madrid». Indeed, the richest region of Spain long been dissatisfied with the fact that they receive from the center is less than send. Plus ethnically Catalans closer to the French than to the Spaniards. Spain in General, like a patchwork quilt, woven from different types of fabric, so so tense. The Spaniards consider themselves Spaniards only in the days when their football team won the trophy, or, on the contrary, their land overtaken by the tragedy. When in 2013 overturned train, the headers of all the regional Newspapers was as follows: «We the Galicians! At other times of the year you dirty Gypsies, but we are tough! Long live free, independent Aragon! Don’t count me to these Castilian bastards! Mierde!» – and so on.

But back to Catalonia. In Europe, there is a joke that when Kosovo gained independence, the Kosovars as one said, «We are in the shit,» and went to look for a job when of France Department of Brittany, the Bretons will all exclaim: «We are in the shit!» and will go to France to look for work. When separated Catalonia, in Madrid and exclaim: «We are in the shit!» – go to Catalonia to work. Overall, Catalonia is first and foremost a tourist Mecca, the Holy believe that they alone will be easier. Barcelona – the capital city is beautiful, so built, so there was no traffic. It would seem, live and rejoice. But after driving around the city, and stumble upon hanging from Windows and balconies flags with the Catalan flag. And the results of the last referendum are not comforting: more than 80% were in favor of secession. What will become Catalans? Nothing. I would lose Spain? All. And we will lose the «El Classico». Ah, the glorious days of the dictator Franco, when it was enough just to support the autonomy of the ridiculous dwarfs and a bit scare of repression, so they calmed down. And now you can’t, now freedom of choice and tolerance.


Suffering Belgium lately loves to surprise. Almost a year there was no Prime Minister, the king abdicated, but they as before the capital of the European Union. And in Brussels strikingly dirty streets, a lot of immigrants and a little common sense, because the country consists of two fiercely hate each other, equal to the number of provinces, cannot reasonably hope for a brighter future. In the South (Wallonia), the Walloons speak French, and in the North (Flanders) the Flemish speak Dutch. These two Nations have nothing in common, only the claim. Once the whole country fed Valonia, producing a huge amount of coal, then everything changed, and after the war the country began to feed and clothe the Flemish part than reluctantly engaged in so far. Due to the cold, hungry Wallonia will remain with nothing, and Flanders will start doing the same as before: work, work and work. It is not clear only with great monumental Brussels. Historically, the French-speaking city is located on the territory of Flanders. So the fight for the city will be large. Although it is unlikely that the Arabs, who are now almost half, will fight with the same zeal that the Yugoslavs in the early 90’s, for every border town.

In 2012 parliamentary elections were won by the nationalists of Flanders. So the wait is long. The people themselves say that they would be very surprised to die in the uniform of Belgium. «We are two different Nations, an artificial state created as a buffer between the great powers, and we have nothing, except a king, chocolate and beer,» – said in an interview with Filip DeWinter, leader of Vlaams Belang. How to share a chocolate and beer. Due to them, and will exist, the benefit of these products they are excellent.

In the world nothing will change, except that in bars instead of «Belgian beer» appear «Valonskaya unfiltered». But the neighbors happy. At the time artificially created a monarchy strongly spoiled nerves of the Dutch and the French, which lopped off the territory in the name of the new European democracies. The good of this country were few, except that here was built the first railway, and the heroic attempts to be a neutral country not crowned success, but the huge heroic losses. Especially in the First World. But as a decent European Kingdom, it lopped off colonies in Africa, calling it the Belgian Congo and poimena with the unfortunate slaves and their land is a huge number of diamonds and other minerals.

Most likely, the Netherlands will start to make friends with Flanders is closer than Russia with the new Russia. Unless, of course, will allow Europe. Indeed, thanks to this most of Europe, Belgium is the only one. Although long to keep the volcano hushed Europe will fail.


In France, about the same story as in Spain. Separatists advocate separation from the country of Italian Corsica, Provence, Savoy, Brittany and Alsace German.

The birthplace of Napoleon the activities of the militants of underground organizations «Corsican national independence» in 1990-e years has cost the lives of more than three thousand people. In 1991 Corsica received as part of France’s special status. By the way, if you now the French prison full of immigrants from Africa and Arab countries, before, in the romantic 60s, almost every second criminal was temperamental Corsican.

Historically, the Corsicans, the same as the Italians. But why is it independent, no one knows. Corsica – the poor region, which produces nothing, only resorts. Even agriculture in the mountainous areas did not stick. Will still go to work in the Genoa and Marseille. However, this is the explanation. Italian roots will not be killed. As already mentioned, the most popular profession chosen by children in the school works, is a criminal. In fact, Corsican separatism is a trivial fight criminal groups over the division and redivision of spheres of influence.

In Provence Russian separatism is especially actively shown in nice. This city was annexed to France under the Treaty of 1860 with the Kingdom of Sardinia. In the same year to France, and were joined by Savoy, which also stands for their independence. In fact, all the Eastern territory were somehow attached to the successful military campaigns of the Republic in the 19th century. Then, apparently, the French decided that navoyevat enough, because the further military successes of the 20th century for this hint.

If you look at a map of France, you can see in the North-West a big, thick, like horn, the Peninsula. On this Peninsula live stubborn Bretons. No, it’s not polyalpha from The Elder Scrolls series, and quite ordinary people from the same province. Many residents identificeret themselves not as Frenchmen, but as Bretons. Direct descendants of the Celts, they are trying to secede from France. Breton separatists recognize that separation from France practically no chance. The real struggle is mainly for the preservation of cultural and linguistic differences, and the return of the historic capital of Brittany, Nantes is located far enough away from the border. But they are viciously celebrate national Celtic festivals and continue to loudly scream that they are not French. Although it’s pointless. Apparently, therefore, in the country, the saying goes: «Stubborn like a Breton». By the way, laugh at them about the same as we have in the country, say, over the Chukchi.


Italy emerged as a unified state only in the second half of the 19th century, there is still no consensus. Hundreds of years in its territory there were separate city-States. Who has succeeded as a powerful Florence with their Borgia, the Venetian state who set up colonies throughout the Balkans and even Ugulava territory, where now we have Krasnodar region, and Genoa is another trading state, along with Venice controlled the trade flows of the Mediterranean. This is the Northern Italy. To her is attributed the industrial edifice Milan and not less mighty Turin. And what in the South?

And in the South have long lived seeds, flourished vendetta. But the favorable climate, the magnificent, the famous Neapolitan pizza and songs like «sole mio» and the inhabitants, many of whom built houses in caves. Little has changed now. At the expense of industry and the banking sector the North with the regions Lombardy, Liguria, Lombardy, Padania and others creates a larger part of the Italian GDP. In fact, the North is feeding the lazy, unemployed South. Boots falling apart. In the 90-ies of the nationalist party «Northern League» wanted a complete separation of Padania, the name of which comes from the Italian «pianura padana» – the Po plain. Today, the party has softened requirements: Northern regions themselves must dispose of 75 percent of their income do not pay them to the state budget, that really scares residents the sun of Calabria. «The horror, it’s going to have to work» – think slacker Pierluigi, life drove Cinzano in his cellar. Although there are some clever people at the North who even Italy don’t want to be called. The name of it – South Tyrol.

Here there is a sea of reasons. Until the end of the First world war, South Tyrol belonged to Austria-Hungary, after which the rights entrenched in Italy. During the time of Mussolini here in fear of the personality of the Duce took over the Italian culture and language. After the Second world war the South Tyrol was even greater political and linguistic autonomy. Today he might even be able to dispose of most of their income. So Formidable. Same mountains, same problem, only quieter.

However, if 7 years ago, these sentiments did not carry mass character, but now, after the crisis in Greece, Italy is the second country in the region according to the size of the debt. Many South tyroleans, whose doing well, don’t want on their shoulders shifted the problem of the whole nation, so often in their region sounds the call: «Freedom from Rome!» And to be precise: «let’s Get to Austria, where it’s quieter!» Yes, they still have not decided what I want to do: become part of a prosperous Austrian, to be full independence to in the LIH.


From this list, almost nobody will be able to exist after the separation. In Addition To Bavaria. Bavaria is such a «island, where everything is» inside Germany itself. Here, even the vines grow. In addition, auto industry, agriculture, industry and tourism at a high level, the benefit that the Alps near by. It is home to almost 13 million people – more than in Sweden or Portugal, well, in addition, it is the most prosperous region of immense size. Almost Switzerland.

Germany, like Italy, until the 19th century was also a set of meaningless lands like Kassel and less suitable for placing in world politics, Saxony, Germany (although there was no one was waiting for the mighty Prussia stopped this outrage and took under his wing the prodigal city-States. But in Bavaria with growing prosperity more and more often remember the independent years and are increasingly saying: «We can do it ourselves». So come and until the return of the Holy Roman Empire. In the Federal state of the «Republic of Bavaria» (full name) have always respected your Bavarian tradition. And as you know, the more tradition, the less desire to «go under someone.»


«Buenos Dias, compadre, Como mierde,» says a native American in the hat guest from Washington. Through 178 years, and since then, gained independence from Mexico, Texas keeps trying to get complete freedom. The fact that foolishly in 1845 it became the 28th state of the United States – the first and only independent state, which entered the Confederation. However, now residents around every corner and bawl that the merger was illegal. Residents of the breakaway of the «lone star State» (as he was called for a flag on a blue field on which was depicted one star), no-no, and staged a rally demanding freedom from the «occupation of Washington».

Although it would seem, then indignant? In state 2 the six million Metropolitan area, several cities with population over a million. 27 million people is not a joke. And the spaceport, oil reservoir, cool industry. 9th economy in the world! And their rice fields enough to saturate almost all the hungry. Why feed the States when you can easily live by. And even when Chuck Norris plans to run for President of Texas. Such support is nothing to fear.

In short, the wide powers which are at state right now, «cowboys» is not enough. But it is the only state that has the right to hang their flag on the administrative buildings along with the Federal. Yes, and it has the right to a referendum. In addition, when other States look at you askance, it is difficult to identify in them similar feelings of love. And to look askance began in 63-m to year, after the fatal assassination of JFK. Yes, some people think that it has something to do with the Texas separatists, who shortly before the arrival of the presidential spouses complained to the crowd that «Texas is not the same, do not like us». And during the Civil War the state fought on the side of the southerners, that is actually against Washington, which could not fail to leave a mark.

But recently, the cries that Washington has devastated the financial system of the state, were added the cries that in 1861 there was held a referendum for secession from the United States. However, the case technically was hushed up, the more impending war.

Most of the population is asleep and sees how to trade with those countries with which the United States embargoes. In short, if at least one state Department, it will be the beginning of the collapse of the last «great Empire». And separated or not – time will tell.


The canadian province of québec has always been a pain in the reverent fifth point of any English monarch. After the seven years ‘ war France lost their canadian colonies, the local population has been shaped by the genocide by the British. In the end, collecting over the years, the hatred they settled where is now the province of Quebec.

In 50-ies began easing, the province has received a second official language is French. The canadian French are the same as the canadian and the British: a lazy, well-fed, happy and prosperous. However, in 2009, still it could drastically change when the Canadian Quebec got after the election of a new Prime Minister, the leader of the separatist party of Quebec, Pauline Marois. But winning a rally, the first female Premier of the province was marred by a shooting incident in which 1 person was lost.

It is unlikely Quebec will get independence, because a stable region, and, in addition to old grudges and hate, no other reason for resentment. Hockey play well and those and those. Although the last referendum in 1995 showed that Canadians don’t want to leave. However, with very alarming bells: 49.4% of votes were cast for the independence of Quebec. 50.6% of Quebecers voted against secession from Canada. In short, if will shake the world another wave of separatist sentiment, and canadian separatists in the early 60-70’s, will actively, with arms in their hands to demand independence, it seems that the old lady Britain will be tight. Because even in Scotland the figures were better, more people wanted to stay together with London. Though it is not known who hates the British more – the French or the Scots. We only know one thing: the obvious advantages Quebec would not, except that pride and convulsive… seeking whom to sell the wood. Moreover, French Canadians has a strong xenophobia. French-canadian environment, in contrast to Anglo-canadian does not accept not only immigrants defranceso, but the French from France. It is therefore not surprising that most people moved to Quebec does not share the desire of its residents to independence and in favour of closer Union with Canada.

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