Forgotten weapons: than were killed in the old days. Part II

In the previous article we began to remember the forgotten weapons of a sinful past. And all that started, should continue, especially since almost forgot about everything except the spear and the sword.


While some gunsmiths perfected the murder weapon, making them more and more deadly, other converted defensive weapons in an offensive. This was the case with rondash. Now explain what it is.

To the glove attached to the shield, the circumference of which was often scalloped to enemy piercing and cutting instruments they were stuck. Under the gauntlet, the shield was attached a blade that protrudes from the edge of the shield 50, see Frequently on the shield and an iron glove were placed additional blades and pins, many of which were serrated blade.

But the Spaniards from the Italians, who loved the sneaky night attack, followed by a weapon in the sleeping enemies, went further and invented to shield the hole for the dark lantern. The light of the lamp passes through the aperture that could open and close at will with a round valve. These boards are sometimes called the lantern, and, by the way, they were very heavy.

At that time it was impossible to just pick up and riveted on a number of boards. The army has started to destroy each other with firearms, and the soldiers wanted to live. Therefore, the gun runners was released rondache without a certificate of his vulenerability. The examination was simple: from a distance of a hundred steps he was shot from an arquebus. Arquebuse, of course, not Faust cartridge, but the thing is also extremely heavy, and because the shield was very thick. Sometimes weight up to 10 kg. Try and run with such a load all day.


In the 13th century in Flemish rebels had several problems: poor harvests, robbery, and French knights. All anything, but the knights were clad in powerful armor, which the club does not break and the sword always pierce. And so, as often happens, someone’s beverage Flemish mind was not to philosophize slyly and invented a simple, cheap but extremely effective weapon against the French invaders. Picked up a club in human growth and stuck that there to the end with a sharp iron spike. Was a very large spear that can be swing as a club and stabbing like a spear. Phalanx of armed kodandarama the Flemings were able to make up to 500 knights, as it was in the battle of the Golden spurs in 1302.

The knight at full speed rushed into the stockade acute Dubin and… in the best case fell to the ground in the worst the tip passed through the armor like a can opener through a jar of sprats. It’s not the spears that broke. The key to Flandreau was to stand side-by-side, or in the gap, like a knife through butter, broke the trooper, breaking the overall system. And those that fled in different directions spearmen much of a threat is not.

Retirement goedendag sent all French are the same. In 1382 at the battle of Rebuke smarter the French sent into battle against the phalanx armed with axes and batons of the soldiers. After the defeat of the spear-armed with a cudgel used less and less.

Revolver Anoa

If Dirty Harry used this gun, it is the legendary question: «I only made six shots or five?» – would sound at least inappropriate, because this gun could do from 48 shots – more than any other gun.

The revolver was created in 1855 by Englishman Joseph Anaem. Came off a pistol with interchangeable drums, for which the gun was referred to as the «Ferris wheel». However, despite its knockdown, and the relative rate of fire, it was so uncomfortable that any self-respecting citizen would prefer to spend the time to charge the gun than to use such heresy.

First, it was incredibly heavy, and secondly, it was extremely difficult to wear. Dragging the box? Uncomfortable. Holster for it was difficult to think, but to move around the city with a gunshot Hoop was complete idiocy. So to serial production revolver Anoa never lived.

Closer to the twentieth century, scientists invented a revolver with one big drum where we could fit up to 20 rounds, but that’s another story.

Air mine

One of the main troubles of the Second world was mines. Minefields greatly reduced the size of armies, even had to invent a special and a mine sweeper, which was sent ahead of the infantry. But since the purpose of the war was the immediate destruction of the enemy, invented a kind of mine is the rocket launcher. Simply put, a flare in the sky was started 10 min, which hung in the air with parachutes attached to them long slings.

It would seem that the pilots did not take the blind, and the pilot had a chance to Dodge. The pilots evaded, and very often, more often than cling wings parachute slings mined and blown up to hell. Actually, because of not very great efficiency they stopped using it.

Wall gun

When it comes to performance, weapons should always have two features: strength and precision. The art of the gunsmith is to ensure that a delicate balance between these two indicators and to create a balanced weapon. The gun, which is now in question, the power and precision taken to extremes. These guns are not very different from the usual guns: also charged, in the same shot. Distinguished them by the fact that the minimum length of only one barrel was 1.5 meters. The long barrel ensured a more quick and accurate flight of the bullet than conventional guns. It is a kind of sniper rifle of the past, because the bullet flew at a distance of 180 meters, in contrast to 30 meters some vaunted musket.

Of course, looking at this thing, it begs a logical question: how to shoot? Answer: very simple. The gun was a tripod to be able to secure the weapon on the wall. And there were a couple of soldiers, one of whom was more fortunate – he drew and fired, and the second much less – he tripped his shoulder for support. The soldiers were selected for growth depending on where to shoot up or down. Joke.

Of course, the height of technological development of our age, this unit seems pointless as standing in a traffic jam in a Ferrari. But in the 17th century the gun has fully justified itself. Here he’s running through some kind of bastard, which arquebuse a maximum of 35 meters shoots, and without apology with a sly smile spreading her skull until she got to the firing range. And so the whole army, without forgiveness.

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