Forgotten sports

manygoodtips.com_24.07.2015_9qkk8BUNn1OSHThe world is changing: something hopelessly outdated, the place of the old comes something new. And with the sport. Although it seems that it is not concerned, because most of the sports are older than a sideboard in the apartment with my grandmother. But nevertheless, on the margins of history lying around somewhat unfairly, and perhaps deservedly forgotten sports. Some of them transformed and the other altogether ceased to be a sport. But about all under the order.

1. Shooting pigeons

This discipline is something similar to hunting. It is not clear, good or bad, that the sport was canceled because the town is literally smothered in hordes of feathery mascara. And the doves spread various diseases. On the one hand, was a plus in this game, and on the other, is somehow not civilized.

Sport, incidentally, was the Olympic, but the Olympics hit only once, in 1900. Then the athletes have shot 300 pigeons. The most accurate were the Belgian, de Leon Land, which account for 21 points. It was the only modern Olympic games, during which killed living beings. After this discipline for some time back in the program, but fired at the clay pigeon.

2. Such as

The invention of the British sports fans. The essence of the game is simple: two or four participants taking turns in sending the ball into the wall so that upon rebound it’s on the opponent’s field. When one player makes a mistake then the rights are transferred to another and so on. In short, when you’re with a friend in the courtyard of boredom threw the ball into the wall, you’re not just whiling away the time, and played once in an Olympic sport.

The British have made the inclusion of such as in the Olympics-1908 in London, where he played between two sets of medals in singles and doubles. The applications for participation filed only seven of the British. After the London Games about the such as at the Olympics and not heard. No one and nothing is lost.

3. Jeu de Paume

The roots of de poma (from the French jeu – a «game» paume, «palm»), leaving the middle Ages. Old fun became the ancestor from tennis, squash, racquetball (a game reminiscent of squash) and handball. The first mention of jeu de pome appeared in the XIII century – even then he was playing in France, Italy and England.

Rules are very simple: need hand to shift through the stretched mesh of rope or a small ball. Then as the game projectile began to use the bat – a wide stick, and later moved on to the types of rackets, although originally used my palm, but it is very painful. A place to play jeu de Paume became a special closed rooms called «trio» (from the French tripot). Only in Paris there were more than 200 such premises who immediately liked the Metropolitan bourgeoisie – the game was in the pocket of mainly the members of the Royal court and high-ranking nobles.

Played jeu de Paume for money: bet a coin was the ECU (equal to 60 su) – craftsman this amount could quite easily exist for several weeks. The ECU was divided into four parts of 15 sous, each of which was worth one point. Here, by the way, came out and the scoring system in tennis today, only the «45» was changed to «40» for ease of commenting is to shout a short number of turns much more energetic.

The game was included in Olympics-1908 in London, but ironically, in the first and the last Olympic tournament jeu de pomu involved only the British and the Americans, and not its creators – the French.

By the way, in Russia knew this sport. The Department of sport SPSU is still preserved Playground for this fun. Already in the eighteenth century.

4. Pistols at dawn

In fact, in this discipline there was nothing wrong. At first glance it seems that this sport is somehow related to aristocracy, etiquette, gloves in the face and gunshot wounds. In fact, it was not quite so, since as opponents of the Olympians were… mannequins, as it was in 1906. Opponents were shooting at the dummy from a distance of 20 and 30 meters. This sport was again lit in the Olympic games in 1912, but then disappeared forever.

5. Art

«Bullshit!» – you say you are. «Really, brad,» – we agree. This sport is difficult to call. On the other hand, all those who despise exercise and says that pitching is degenerate, received some confirmation of his words.

It all began in Stockholm. In 1912, the Olympics included competitions in art. It was part of the idea of Pierre de Coubertin, the founder of the IOC. Later, at the Olympic Games in 1912, De Coubertin, who was not physically developed, won the gold medal for literature.

In 1948, 25 countries sent artists to London to participate in the competition in the field of architecture, painting, sculpture, literature and music. It was the last time the competitions were held in art at the Olympic games. But once again, this sport is hacked professionalism. Most of the artists were professionals, contrary to the then Charter of the IOC, and the competition was excluded from the Olympic games. And then we all finally realized that at the event there is no place for ranting about paintings and vases.

6. Swimming with obstacles

Very unusual, but certainly fun to compete in swimming on 200 metres. Competitors first sailed to the pole and rapidly climbed it. And then they had to come back down, a little swim, climb two boats to cover the distance under two, and then finally appeared on the horizon the finish line.

The competition was held only once, during the Olympic games of 1900. Then the winner was Frederick lane from Australia. Now imagine all this wisdom, and it becomes a pity that this sport has long ceased to be Olympic. Entertainment, perhaps, he would have surpassed many classes.

7. The beach

Descend unforgivable in the old days. Then there were such sports as chariot-riding, running and wrestling. However, the most spectacular, of course, was the Gladiator fights, the most impressive of which was the beach is the Roman tournament sailors, the name roughly translates as «battleship», a kind of progenitor of sailing. Only in the sailing no one is killed.

Romans the arena was filled with water, ran back of the boat and recreate famous naval battles. Often it was a bloody spectacle, which involved prisoners of war or condemned to death people. Unlike most similar sports events, naumachie was characterized by a very high mortality rate among the participants.

8. Venezia

It’s hard to say for whom these competitions have been worse for the slaves or animals, which they were forced to fight. Actually the Romans were so interested in the confrontation between the people and the animals at the Grand opening of the Colosseum against the people was released more than 9,000 wild animals, some of whom were killed. People often suffered the same fate: for example, sometimes the participants were not given any weapons, and their opponents were the lions or bears, and people had somehow to defeat a hungry beast or die. Often these competitions include any drama: the men stood like heroes theatrical plot. Roman power thus achieved two goals at once: executed criminals and provide mass entertainment.

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