Forgotten exercises that work great

You’re in the gym. You visit him often enough and make the standard and a great list of exercises like squats, bench press, deadlift vertical block, push UPS and a bunch of other exercises that work great and are the base. But to repeat the same with some exceptions from the General list somehow… boring? There are many long-forgotten us exercises that work great and can give you a new load on your carcass.

Today we decided to compile a small list of exercises which many have forgotten, but they still put a strain on the muscle fibers, which is different from the usual. With their help you will make in training a new stream, but to carry the iron and squat will be much more fun, I assure you.

Just don’t play them all at once so you risk to spend the next day in bed because of muscle pain and new loads, which will be hurting those muscles that you didn’t know. Plug them one by one each new exercise. A better — weekly.

Squat on one leg


The usefulness of sit-UPS is obvious. There is always a kind of sit-UPS, aimed at certain types of the muscles but does not affect those muscles that you have hurt or are sufficiently bled. If you want to be big and strong, don’t forget about the squats — they are in the Royal family of exercises.

To add a little bit more difficulty and substantially increase the load, try squats on one leg. This is especially good for those guys, who in addition to rocking, there is another physical activity, such as BI, football or larger. This is a very well developing feet. And if you have so happened that one leg weaker than the other this exercise will help to restore harmony.

How to do this exercise:

You think you’re strong? As it is not so. Sometimes you realize you’ve reached a huge, startling success in the field of training, but then you open yourself to exercise in which unexpectedly be extremely weak. Test yourself and try to do ten repetitions of this exercise using only your own body weight.

So, start doing exercise with support. Let him serve as a bearing ball or lava. Put one foot on a support (but not completely, to the knee), reach out for balance and slowly squat using the other leg. Squat as low as possible, try to keep leg in one position, don’t bend it. Be sure that your back is straight and your body is slightly tilted forward. When you can do this exercise perfectly ten times, you can get an exercise ball and a bench and do the exercise without support, holding the straight leg in front of him. This is a huge burden on the muscles!

After each approach suggest to do ten-fold rise on tiptoe to relieve the muscles.

Press dumbbells from the shoulders alternately

The majority simply press the dumbbells from the shoulders while sitting or standing. This exercise is involves the deltoid muscle and gives a good load on the triceps. To increase the difficulty of the exercise, I recommend also to keep a pause while lifting dumbbells at the top: so the load on the triceps will be the most significant.

Because in this exercise there is a small delay, to fake, causing the whole body momentum to higher throw the hand will be harder. Holding the dumbbells in the air for some time need isometric strength that makes you work to the limit, including additional muscle groups.

Of course, since this is an isometric exercise, you’ll have a decent rest between sets. But the load is large.

Isometric exercise to counteract resistance of an object within 6-12 seconds with maximum effortHow to do this exercise:

Sit on the edge of the bench, stand clear for anything, knees slightly bent, feet shoulder width apart. Get your hands on two dumbbells, put them on your shoulders, palms facing inward. Now lift the dumbbells slightly above the shoulders and in front of him. Alternately lift right and left dumbbell on yourself. Hold the dumbbell a little on yourself, then slowly lower it to starting position. If you want to get the maximum benefit from this exercise, do it after swings dumbbells in hand, but with less weight than you’re usually accustomed to, and even pathetic 6-8 repetitions for you will be unbearable as the pain after a workout.



Once the high-level athletes performed this exercise on a regular basis, but in recent years it is hard to find. It is uses as hands, back, and abs. For its implementation you will need a block trainer with the ability to change various nozzles. You need just a simple handle to be pulled. Some call it a pulley.


How to do this exercise:

Become polubokom to the simulator. Grab on with both hands by the handle, knees slightly bend for greater and quality support. Using the abdominal muscles and helping them with your hands, you are twisted in the opposite direction, transfer the weight to the opposite foot and pull the handle. As soon as you reach the bottom, you’re a little late, and then straightened like a string, and along the same path back to the starting position. Too many guys when you do this exercise, simply pull the handle, turn sideways and bend over. The main load in this exercise goes to the muscles of the arms and back, while the right to carry all the load on the oblique abdominal muscles. To the resistance and strain on your muscles bigger, do the exercise slowly, feeling every muscle fiber in your body tenses. So you gain a profit.

Repeat this exercise 7 to 11 times, and then move on to the other side. I assure you, you will then expire after the first repetition. But then just get used to it. When you’re calm you can do this exercise more than 11 times, feel free to move on to bigger weights and try to perform at least 7 times. But if you want increased difficulty and weight gain do not you think such a huge complexity, not add weight and try to do the same, but… standing on one foot, trying to keep not only the rope with the load but their own weight. Free weights rule!

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