Forget about the jealousy and move on spent your whole life thinking the whole world revolves around you. You have always had a couple girlfriends, teachers always praised you and the company are respected. Now you’re at work and trying to build a career with you in the company came another guy.

It seems that this man of nondescript appearance, and not like the punchy and purposeful man, but a year later, you noticed that he has progressed in his career already for a couple of steps above you. But why? You’re no worse and maybe even better.

You’re about to hate this worker guy and you’ve got this horrible feeling of envy. Now you think you’re worthless and that the whole world is against you. Are you sure that some superpowers do not give you to succeed. You’re perfect and worthy of the same praise.

The time for prolonged depression. But why are you frustrated? Rest assured, you still have a chance to compete for the top spot on the podium. So what you will be able to help someone else’s success?

1. Learn

Well for starters, it’s a chance to learn from someone else’s success and build more robust steps to professional success.

Go to the secular meetings, travel new look for smart and successful friends. Make new friends who understand the scope of your career. Don’t be afraid to ask for advice, show your plan. You don’t refuse to help. These people understand how important these exchanges, because they once helped more successful people. You don’t have to grieve because of other people’s successes, you just slowed down a little bit, then to enchanting to get ahead, right?

2. Absorb

Unfortunately, the success and viability are not transmitted by airborne droplets and these qualities can not be infected. But when dealing with business people and successful people you are recharged from them. You’re in a different environment and be inspired by these people.

You’re a product person with whom you communicate. As said in childhood: «who lead — on and rack». Try to avoid close contact with losers, give preference to wealthy people. Spend time with benefit and learn from successful people, you will begin to adapt and adopt their mentality.

3. Forget about the envy

Envy of another person will not affect your success in a positive way. You’re just wasting my time and killing themselves. Don’t ever compare your life with others, because you don’t know what the story is with this dude and after that he had to go.

Get away from negativity, it only hinders you to grow. You himself drown, but that’s not going to help. Learn more about successful people, but not to gloat, but to learn from their history something useful. While you envy this man continues to improve, and your envy begins to eat you. In the end, it will start to notice friends and colleagues. And probably the object of your envy, too, noticed the strange attitude. Why do you need a bad reputation?

You’re somehow focused on others ‘ success. What makes you think that all these benefits are worthy only you? Maybe you deserve more, but you need to do something, not poison expire.

Wait for the weekend, keep your mind away from the outside world, forget about the dude that gives you peace. To build your plan to achieve unprecedented success and start to follow him. Don’t think about that, to immediately blame this job, you’re not weak, you have to prove to everyone that you are the best and you will succeed.

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