Forever young: things to do this until it is too late

Forever young: things to do this until it is too late time beautiful. Someone smart said that youth is a wonderful period before the mortgage, do not know whether to believe him or not. In any case, youth is often not noticeable. You look back and realize that’s not young. You can not be called old, just that you «no longer young». This is such a time when you’re either tired, trying to be young. But until it occurred (and it weakly depends on the age), you need to do a lot of things. I’m not talking about all this trivial type to jump with a parachute, to go to Sochi to see the sunrise with the beloved — all this is a banal snotty gay crap that nobody, honestly, has not delivered heartfelt warmth and full satisfaction. This is a one-time bursts of fun. But what needs to be done before it is too late and when you’re young, to find herself in this rebellious world and become a good person, about whom no one can say «m*duck»?

1. Any for himself in priority

It’s not really selfishness, man. Just their needs should be output first, and then immediately put the needs of loved ones. If they exist, of course. The most frustrating thing in the world is to forget about yourself. You see, the man who would not say that, but you’re the most important person. If you will not (that is, you simply dissolve into the needs of others), you will die. You will cease to exist, if you start to live other people’s lives. Of course, your body is also not live long with such loads, not even hope. Don’t forget about themselves, about their health, about their dreams, ambitions and my life. But with the self-centeredness of this well confuse.

2. Learn to use affirmative action

There are two bad strategies bad situation. The first is to sit idly by. I understand why this is bad? You accept or believe that the situation will resolve itself, but it is certainly not the behavior of a normal strong person. Sucks the second method is to do some kind of garbage. This is equivalent to that in a burning room instead of trying to find a way to sit down and start playing solitaire.

Sometimes you see people doing something, but his methods are, to put it mildly, not working. So, while you’re young, it would be nice to learn how to handle the situation, not to sit idly by and not create something that little decision.

3. Learn to work

Who would not say that, but the ability to work and not wonder heavy loads is not the most important skill in life. If a person works up a sweat and able to perform well their work, even the last fool will not say anything against him. High — povorchu, showing all its ugly faces. If you don’t get what you want, maybe it is worth the effort and you get to earn at least something will be released?

Do not listen and just go forward. Usually the path to the dream quite thorny, strewn, as it was said in one good movie, «corpses of dead rabbits», but if you learn to work, you can get your piece of happiness. Most importantly, learn to work in such a way as not to burn out.

4. Focus on the priorities

Don’t be busy, be productive. The purpose of life is to live well became a goal! Don’t take too many things at once. If you do not have enough time for personal life, you can get out of this endless race, it is also possible to abandon many of the socially approved things to go forward to his goal. Focus on what you yourself consider important. Just make sure it’s exactly what it is.

5. Learn to take calculated risks

All life is a risk. Of course, if it absolutely is not meaningless in the vein of «I will hang 10 hours on one hand on this bridge for 1000 rubles, man»! Risk — a noble cause if it is, of course, justified. How to determine the justification for the risk? Very simple. Ask yourself the obvious question: «if I can Win something, if it is carried out?». There is another logical question: «is This for real?».

6. Learn not to be ashamed of her mistakes

Everyone did stupid, everyone else did hurt and was being a dick. Somehow I was immediately reminded of one of my friends since University. When he was young and stupid, he often joked about stupid dudes who were stricter, older, smarter, and most importantly — stronger than him. Silly jokes this guy, by the way, could cause one of these adults a total of our company could have a couple of times to put him in the face, to cool his ardor. But they came up with a nickname for him — Blotter. Like children’s innocent crap that was thrown by someone in passing, but she was instantly attached to this man who now really embarrassed by this nickname. The most interesting that now he is 27, he’s a serious dude, cute, girls love him, everything’s cool. But you should have seen what his inadequate reaction to what someone has jokingly called them again, Blotting paper.

So, never be so. That was then, you’ve got a rewarding experience, so why be shy?

7. Keep calm when things go wrong

If you don’t learn to do it now, in the future when you have more responsibility, you will break if you do not learn to be calm like an elephant. Of course, everyone who lives on this planet once felt weak, this is normal, because, honestly, we are not omnipotent, that you will agree, logical. For once in my life fell on us that we can’t afford, or without assistance, or first attempt, or at all. Stay calm, otherwise the real issues will be added and internal problems.

8. Learn how to get rid of excess

So, comrade, the most useful property you should learn as fast as possible is the ability to get rid of what you don’t need. It can be all the same wrong people (often the elimination of unnecessary people is enough for a normal life, because they create 80 percent of all problems), unnecessary things and unnecessary worries. If you delete them from your life, everything will become much simpler and easier. Another thing is that we can’t get rid of people because from childhood we were taught that the more friends, the better. I assure you that many friends just don’t happen, when you realize this is a banal fact, you’ll be a little better to understand the world.

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