For what is worth fighting for

manygoodtips.com_16.05.2014_0NIrWS6AX1anSI would like to quote the old Bukowski: «People are strange: they are constantly angered by trivial things, but they do not see themselves wasting their lives in vain!»

To go with the flow is easy and simple. Just pull a foot and go on, trying not to think about the reefs and rapids. People are stubborn and think this way to peace, the right and humble attitude to life, which should bring them warmth and lack of confrontation. But this is nonsense. Struggle is a normal part of life, without which it is impossible to improve yourself and move forward.

However, with age, we understand that for all it is worth our attention, you need to fight, because these things are the meaning of life. You were born in an environment where you are not rolling in wealth and influence from parents, in other words, for you who chose the increased complexity in the game called «Life». That is why the only way to get what you really want is to work hard and fight lived. Everyone has something to fight for, but there’s something we have to fight every.

1. Dream job

Look at all these people who had to climb out of the mud and go to success. They are completely happy with my life, because realize their ambitions. If you want to make games, but fate gives you no other option but support 1C in the local retail network, why don’t you tired to get a dream job? After all, it’ll make your life complete. Many years later, if you fail, your dream will not satisfy you, you will fondly remember his bold attempt. But to regret what you didn’t work out, you’ll be much stronger than the loser.

Millions of people have dreamed of one day becoming actors, singers, artists or writers, but really were only a few of these dreamers. Not only because everywhere in the world ruled by corruption, greed, sweetnest, and you were born under a lucky star. Those who came to success, often or desperately worked hard, or worked hard, and then it turned into a good time in the right place. In any case, this a good place to come. Just not allowed there.

2. Your reputation

The opinion of people can literally crush you. What if someone did not say, but the reputation is important for everyone. Sometimes a trifle, you created many years ago, can ruin your career, life and relationships with good people.

Why is this happening? Perhaps the reason is a common belief that people never change, and perhaps, in that negative quality in General negatively affect your image.

Get people talking about what you want. Don’t let anyone gossip behind your back. Fight for your reputation, fight for the image, which you have so long worked. You can be very nice and sociable person, but no one will believe until I’m convinced. Your true «I» most people are not interested, but the image seems to be created by reputation and speculation, society is much more expensive and nicer. You think you’re cute and kind guy who will always come to the rescue, but someone’s awkward word made you almost weak and henpecked.

3. Good people that make us smile

Of course, nobody can be with us forever: like you and the man are inseparable, but gradually, your communication ends. However, for those people who already proved his loyalty, it makes sense to fight. To help them, to communicate and just to add fuel to the fire of friendly relations. But if it gradually dries up and ends up dying a natural death may not need to keep trying to revive a corpse? What can you do, sometimes!

4. True

However, it is true, not the point! For it really worth fighting for. Of course, it is often difficult and even punished. People who live their own lives, seek the truth everywhere. Hunter s Thompson here did not hesitate to carry his truth, why are you shy?

The truth is not only what makes us free. That’s what opens the world to us. And it opens up another part of the truth — the right to it, which is many times more expensive. Fight for your right to see everything as it is, lies all the spoils.

Don’t let you to let dust into the eyes of someone who constantly repeats in your ear a lie. Everyone deserves the right to see things as they are: good side, bad things, very beautiful and very scary. To lie for the sake can, in exceptional cases, it is usually better to tell the truth.

5. Change

There is nothing worse than stagnation. If you spent a long time in a swamp, it is urgent to get out, otherwise you will tighten and you will remain in the black mire for eternity. Moreover, you then will be completely satisfied. You need to constantly change something, and we don’t mean the color of the Wallpaper or picture on the desktop. The monotony is sinking sand, ease daily life and the predictability of the near future can turn you into a vegetable.

You have to fight to keep the love of life, because only the constant changes in the supply of our love. Fight against the monotony of life and work, to keep something unique and amazing, otherwise you’ll lose yourself. Never let the daily grind stop you from progress. Inspire.

6. Favorite person

If the woman pays no attention to you, need to be overcome. Of course, not in the spirit of «pretty boy, which runs for the lady like a dog and yells: «Will you date me? You?» Behave like a man! The same applies to relationships. If things are bad, they always have to first fight and then to leave a woman. Divorce always simple, it’s the same thing to shoot an animal so that it does not suffer. But if the beast can be saved, why waste the ammo?

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