For those who love popping bubbles on the packaging polyethylene


Everyone loves popping bubbles in packing material. It’s clear why: it’s fun, relieves stress and irritation. But the trouble is that all good things come to an end, it becomes increasingly difficult to find even a few packages of the coveted bubbly.

But not in this case. Famous portal products developed for lovers of popping bubbles chic keychain. The touch balls are exactly the same as on a traditional packaging material that flexes under your hands they are exactly the same as the packaging material. But there is one plus: they are endless! You can have all day to sit and sort out the balloons and pop them — they will not end! In addition, the sound of cotton is very similar to the original audio cotton bubble packaging material. And every hundredth of the cotton will be accompanied by a short sound such as a cry, a sound of flight of a Boeing. In stressful situations helps. However, in our opinion, the sound reminiscent of hitting your fingers on the keys.

The price of this joy — $ 4. And it’s worth it.

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