For those who have forgotten how to communicate among the thousands of respondents to conduct a survey on the topic of self-confidence and communication skills, will be an interesting curve. It will be extremely high and extremely low values: in the world there are closed introverts, and giperosmolarna extrovert. However, the majority usually is in the middle.

Most dudes feels quite confident and quite sociable. They can communicate and spend a lot of effort to meet women. The majority of them, but there are exceptions: you can speak with anyone, other hard to even go out to a bar or club, and new acquaintances for him and did torture. If you’re not the first and not the second, congratulations: you’re the average dude. You have work to do, and it will be even more interesting.

1. If you can tweet, you can say about it

And the girl, and friends. Don’t be the bad guy, who knows how to joke and be honest. Everyone loves Twitter, but this is not the only place where you can Express yourself. People appreciate honesty and heartfelt communication. There is nothing more attractive than a man who never pretends to be. He never builds himself online and it remains true in real life. Live you are not worse than online. In the real world, you can also Express your thoughts. Trust: sincere reaction and interest in the interlocutor priceless. Try it.

2. Know a lot about, and not a lot about small

We all have interests and Hobbies. At least we know what’s happening in the universities connected with work and with Hobbies. Added to these are the series and movies. What if you go on a date with a girl who will be a real football fan? What if her mom loves Stas Mikhailov? You have to remember a lot of, the greatest variety of facts about the world in which we live. Any man who is well versed in 30 things: is interested in them currently, or interested in them before. You vital broad-minded. If you love science fiction, it is not necessary to confine it. Care consume as much information and digested it. You never know what you can ask.

3. Relax, nobody thinks you’re Michael Jackson

They believe that you at least try. You came and started to have fun. The music is good, inexpensive drinks. If your friends drag you to the dance floor, and you make excuses and don’t want to lose face. Come on, who cares about you? When someone is trying to be tough, it is a disgusting spectacle. If you’re planning to dance, why I came? You know how to dance, or do not know how. Most people don’t know how. Many can’t sing, but that does not stop them to grab a microphone and choose a song at the karaoke! Nobody expects you to moonwalk — just have fun.

4. There is nothing better than reality

You’re just a dude and that people like. You’re not the first wise guy, not a winner of sports competitions and one-man band, but you have friends. You have someone to reminisce, you think well, you remember the good word. With these people you can be real. They know you, you don’t have to pretend. Imagine hanging out with girls that have something from the building itself, pompous dudes and posers. Everyone understands this, but nevertheless continue to adorn ourselves. Remember: you don’t like people who are too much puffed and climb out of the skin. You can easily become one of them if you don’t try to be yourself. Uncertainty is the main barrier that separates you from a life without stress. Don’t believe?

Think back 15 years. If you could give yourself then glad you said, «ask her out». Come back in 18 years. Then you were scared to go to school in another city. Now you wouldn’t have to be afraid of, right? By and large, nothing has changed. In any unclear situation, be yourself and follow your own advice. People appreciate you, for you.

5. You in any case not alone

Let’s go back to the beginning. It is not necessary to interview a thousand people ten polls. Ask these questions first to ten friends dudes who you will meet. Most of us are in the middle. It is difficult to remember this when you seem to yourself the only man in the bar who looks at others and thinks they are embarrassed too. All of us plagued by the same doubts about themselves. This is the most important tip.

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