For the booze man naked and jump to the crocodiles


The pair, as you know, a matter of honor, but if to choose between honor and the pool with the crocodiles, we, certainly, think twice. It is better to be a loser in the eyes of their friends than to get into the stomachs of creepy reptiles.

This bro from Australia had a few pints of beer together with friends and decided on a very desperate act. They made a bet that the guy will jump out of the boat naked and will hold on to the snag for a long time, surrounded by hungry crocodiles. At the moment dude it all seemed very funny.

However, it ended perfectly. Dude has fulfilled all the conditions of the dispute and got his well-deserved Bourbon. The next day he passed by this place and finally noticed that the water is infested with crocodiles.

By the way, in 2009 there was a dude who in contrast bro no luck. He floated drunk on the river for a beer, and he tore the crocodiles. On that note, we end our story.

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