«For such a joke…»: Learn to joke about sensitive subjects

manygoodtips.com_14.04.2014_UtJX8PAIB1439If before the tragedy add time, you get Comedy. How much time do I need to add? When you can make jokes about sad events? Whom not to be trifled with? In humor, as in any business, a lot of hidden complexities.

Submarine «Kursk» sank 12 August 2000. In an interview with Larry king on 28 August 2000 on the question of the fate of the submarine, Putin replied with a smile: «It sank.»What is Putin’s famous «It sank,» that was in answer to the question of a foreign journalist about what happened to the submarine «Kursk»! Some considered this remark in respect for the tragic death of sailors, while others approved, saying, not them, American business, and it is necessary to answer them.

To avoid such awkward situations, you need skill and training. Today we are going to train in the art of joke about uncomfortable topics. A healthy cynicism about the colors of any modern guy.

1. The Golden rule: we have to wait

manygoodtips.com_15.04.2014_NiOzXpnCh4Px7Why people are angry at Putin’s joke about a submarine? The tragedy was too fresh. Everyone’s eyes were still endless titles with names of the dead sailors, which were played on the First channel on daytime TV.

This rule has no exceptions. Over the recent tragedies is not a joke. They haven’t overgrown with weeds, the public consciousness hadn’t caught up with them, they turned into a milestone. Everyone needs time to recover from the shock after a horrific, or simply unfortunate events. After people will be able to laugh at him.

2. Be careful object of ridicule

Battle verbal duel in which opponents deride and insult each other. The winner is the one who can do it more cleverly, accurately and technically. Punch («punch» — eng.) — completed phrase that needs to insult the opponent.There are people over whom the audience cannot laugh. Everyone’s favorite, definitely talented personality with a tragic fate or to their good deeds have earned people’s love — like the British Princess Diana. After death, those people are outside of time, in which case the first rule is not working.

Before you joke, remember: people’s love is very selective. Once the famous Russian rap battle Versus one of the contestants lost because of the punch about Bodrov: «during the filming, I got you a stream of dirt-you are Sergey Bodrov». The judges were not ready to laugh at the joke about the tragically lost actor and Director, and for a confused young rapper that was a fatal mistake. Not to repeat his fate, carefully choose the object of their jokes. Error would be too expensive.

3. Put the joke on yourself

Sergei Bodrov was killed during a descent of a glacier in the Karmadon gorge in 2002. At that time he was only 30 years old.This requires great skill and the ability to think quickly. For example, the language has started to say a joke about Bodrov, and the brain behind him half a step and realized his mistake when it was too late to turn back. In this case, it is necessary to turn the joke on yourself (or someone over whom you can make jokes). If after about Bodrov and mudslides sounded something like: «But the memory of the immortal Bodrov, and you the next day will forget», the judge could not consider such a punch offensive to the deceased Director, so be it, would have smiled. The wolves are fed and the sheep intact.

Remember that joke about the authoritative person was a great success, you need to create a kind of alienation between man and the laughter. Roughly speaking, the audience should not laugh at Bodrov, and above you. She can afford.

4. Social commentary

Chris Rock the famous comedian who starred in the films «Jay and silent Bob strike back», «Dogma». He leads his own show on HBO.People with a bad sense of humor mocks the tragedy. People with a good sense of humor uses it as a springboard for social commentary. Relying on the tragedy, he goes to the level of global generalization, and it becomes funny.

American comedian Chris Rock once joked about shooting in schools: «we Must make sure that the balls were worth five thousand dollars. If a bullet cost five thousand dollars there would be no more innocent civilians.»

5. To notice the strangeness in the event or covering it

Dmitry Kiselev is near to the famous program «News week». Famous biased presentation, inappropriate gestures and ringing in the air iPhone. Online clippings of the programme gaining millions of views.You can not laugh at a sad event — but the media joke was not forbidden. Endless mistakes, the tone of messages and the nature of their submission — this is something to make fun of me all you want. Apart from the innocent victims and rivers of blood and pay attention to the rumors and misinformation (hint: any tragedy in light of Dmitry Kiselyov, a priori, funny).

If you think about it, Comedy is more than the sum of tragedy and time. Is tragedy plus time plus the beat. It is necessary to combine all three ingredients — and you’ll get a good laugh. Most importantly be sure that funny joke before you joke about sensitive subjects. It helps.

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