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manygoodtips.com_13.10.2014_L8xRlO7vpUJP0According to a survey by Glassdoor in 2013, 99% of the employees supported Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, and considered him a great boss. In 2014 this rating fell to 93%, but subordinates are still not prepared in the soul. So what is the secret of this happy and brainy son of a bitch? This question is answered by the employees of his company. If you stand at the head of the company, or is just planning to learn from someone who knows how to manage and be the darling of their subordinates, of course, if you don’t want to be a bad boss.

1. He is against the traditional hierarchy

One of the employees of Facebook in his answer on Quora (a kind of online market questions and answers) described in detail the causes of universal love to Zuckerberg. He noted that most of all he was struck by the fact, that, though he was pretty small fry, received a personal consultation from Zuckerberg concern of all it operational issues.

«The fact that the CEO of one of the most dynamic and fastest growing companies in the world meets with workers of initial level, personally, in many ways reflects how it conducts its business. He firmly intended to make the world more open and connected». This guy does not waver; all the investments in research and the acquisition of other companies fit into the framework of this concept, whether it is business or interpersonal relations.»

2. He breaks down the barriers

To finally finish the hierarchy, it destroys the barriers between managers and other workers. The office Zuckerberg has only glass walls. Contrary to the usual cliche, where the CEO sits in a separate room behind the oak door, and his mind and body guards titted blonde Secretary, Zuckerberg wants his staff could easily contact him personally if necessary. To make people feel equal — a great way to show that you appreciate them.

3. An inspiration

Regardless of what you think about this young billionaire, the facts speak for themselves. He single-handedly took the idea and using their own skills and the help of savvy geeks, created the Empire. Zuckerberg has built the company to a billion users and billions of dollars in absegami room, overcame one difficulty after another, has assembled a team of the most talented programmers in the world. Its success will be deprived of sleep and rest many more generations of hunters and success.

4. It’s a desperate

The above mentioned employee says that Zuckerberg never gives way to heavy, but thoughtful decision, whatever the risk. «What other CEO has the courage to buy the messenger for $19 billion? For many reasons this is a very wise decision, but damn, 19 billion! Even other Silicon valley leaders recognize the courage of Mark.»

5. Dress code as a relic of the past

Zuckerberg demonstrates respect for its employees, measuring the quality of their work, not how they dress or decorate their desktops. The General Director confidently walks around in jeans and t-shirt showing an example of the fact that the only important work and results, not just these little things that distract attention and is, in fact, is worthless tinsel. «He wears a t-shirt and jeans, speaks modestly and looks very available for communication. We love it».

6. Snacks in the workplace

Favorable work environment that cultivates Zuckerberg, the most positive effect on the mood and enthusiasm of employees. «So, this makes us love him and the company. He has the ability to end it at any time, but he does not. If someone gives me freestuff cookies, I’m starting to love it, it’s not a very complicated science.»

7. Trust

Employees of Facebook are able to implement their most crazy and creative ideas far beyond the borders of the bureaucracy and academic traditions that exist in many other large companies. Must be incredibly difficult to manage such a huge company with thousands of employees, but to be able to accept and support everyone who earns it.

«He was not all decisions are made independently, not all. We feel that we have entrusted to implement the functions which we think will be most helpful to users. This Facebook is very different from many companies with a vertical management style, and we are satisfied with this balance.»

8. Charity

«He was one of the biggest philanthropists in 2013, while it, in General, ascetic. He heavily invested in the initiative for the development of the Internet in poor countries — although it is not necessary despite the revenue growth. We really feel that he wants to change the world for the better.»

9. Constant motivation

«When he speaks, our brains shrink. He has the uncanny ability to make the right strategic steps, and when he begins to explain causes and consequences, you just know that he did the right thing. Of course, errors also occur, but during the decision-making agree with him.»

10. Work in a prestigious company

Facebook is a strong company, whose revenues are growing very quickly. At the beginning of this year, income amounted to $1,813 billion, which is 53% higher compared to the same period last year.

While advertising revenue grew 61% compared with the same period last year to $1.60 billion (88% of total revenue).

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