For all of you who have stalled

manygoodtips.com_11.07.2016_YJVIvGp6jBezqDo you remember the last time you dreamed? It was so long ago that the exact day and hour does not matter. It was in a past life — that’s what you know. The days merge into one another. Night, copulating with the day, together gave rise grey horror from which not just to get rid of. It got into the walls, in your family, you and even in your food, this meal was a real slag, similar to cheese, butter, and meat on the rubber. Neither the bullet, nor executioner, nor a tie on a door that you pull the neck to finally get a good finish, will not help you. Where did it come from? Space virus, the government, banal bad luck? So, today, the party’s rhetorical and silly questions, and we will not stop until you understand, and the answers don’t even try to give!You can call it depression, economic crisis, the fate of the lepers, the inattention of the authorities to work, or necrosis of romantic feelings. No matter – you’re already in «it.» Glass of beer in the morning, a glass of beer a day and a few pints in the evening routine, when anything in life happens, and you do not aspire to change something, it’s easier to stay in place, rotting from the inside, losing each day a little humanity. Ceased to believe in love, honesty, good people, right? So, are you a realist, I can see if I know the whole world’s time in hell as the alternative – go to work in law enforcement!

Who is in your way, except yourself? People-zombies? Perhaps because they surround you as soon as you walk out the door its not a cozy, tiny and dirty, diverging at the seams of the apartment, which took out a mortgage. A headache a long time not from the booze, probably from exhaustion. You have not faith in humanity, and in this city. It is strange to you, but to go you won’t is even worse. All is normal for this particular day, month and summer. This continues for the 2016 season. Everyone is tired, believe me. Whoever you were, the reader, we understand you. Where we roll, how not downhill? Where generally there is a trail on which you came last years? You can not answer, we know the answer is road to nowhere.A poisonous snake in their heads touched your cheeks, you lost touch, she bit you and injected a liquid from which you have went flailing. You threw up in a pot with a cactus on the window. This snake’s name is «the first meeting with the real problem.» It is already lined up, and it lasts until your coffin. Now the second problem (loan not approved), then the third (it looks like you’re behind on the mortgage), the fourth (your mother died), five (girl left me for a more successful guy), sixth (you left without a job), seventh (funds for life left), eighth (it was raining). No, the problems do not go away with growth — these snakes are spontaneous and unpredictable, I can grab your ass when you’re relaxed, sitting on the toilet.

manygoodtips.com_11.07.2016_bU0CAAOGHDEBWIf everything is so bad, isn’t it better to hang or to fold under a speeding train, the Sunset Limited, as the eponymous hero of the film? No, friend – it’s time to get out of this cesspool of thoughts.

Life is still the same bitch. And you will be much worse than it is now. Your parting cost nothing, your suffering is by and large a bluff. Some things do not change, like losing a large bet in roulette. Grit your teeth and pay the bills. And then what? If you love to play, then put it again, play it again and again and again. Endure defeat until, until you win the bet or not a change of occupation.

We are very much dependent on the will of the case, from fortune. For example, you could be born in a poor family and not to be able to get to this point of the alcoholic hell of his father. But you’re you – you’re not. And you can turn in the other direction, to change direction, even if no one supports. To throw everything, even your most beloved people, if this is the only way to become happy. I repeat, some things never change, do not expect that will be better. You just need to sail his boat to catch the wind.

Your path may be thousands of miles away from where you are now reading is a marginal reading. If you got hit by a wave, the time to break away from his boat a piece of wood and make it infernal Board where you will catch a new wave. I mean that the starting resources for recovery, changes in lifestyle, for any change maybe a little. To be somebody, you don’t need no education, no money, no connections – all this is purchased as needed. The first thing you need is to make a step towards your sincere desire, you even now afraid to voice.Want to become a stand-up comedian? Go ahead bars are numerous and, perhaps, the administrators will pay you to continued the speech until midnight, or removed from the scene. At least beer you can count on. Beat for incorrect joke? Nothing, gather your teeth from the pavement, wipe the bloodied face, fight back, you get again in person, but agreed on the following statement.

There is always both delicate and heavy way. To be a Manager who earns so money without worrying about anything – the easy way. Yes, you will have to you were doing everything right, but at least you will be secured and will gradually make our way upstairs to have others. But as you know, nobody wants to be just a Manager. Forgive me, office you the other half of the country managers, we understand our risk to fall into disgrace. People want to be rock stars — not less. And only a few they become, and the rest get in the mouth and gather them from the asphalt, as I said above. But, the chance for success is always there. It’s funny, but practice shows that «happy ending» is not necessarily to be the best in the business. Read it some «Animal farm» of Orwell — where the horse was also «the best» work at all, and died. In General, you ever play Darts? Throw Darts when drunk, it is not the skills. It’s just that sometimes you hit the bullseye, and sometimes in the chandelier. Life is a drunk game, even if you’re drinking, friend.

manygoodtips.com_11.07.2016_Ftodw8RARFMxfWhat may seem crazy is your dream – don’t quit it. If you do, you will become the same walking corpse that you see hundreds on the road on his unloved job. You will be discouraged to call a child, a perfectionist, a romantic, or just a asshole who is not ready for real life. But is there anything for which you need to fight in this «real life»? No, my friend, we always strive for higher, for what the heart engorged with blood and burns the insides, spreading fiery lava for the body. We are inspired by the commonplace, we don’t want to be like everyone else, it is as though banal did not sound. We need the madness and insanity to continue to live. We need to be quick on their feet, going to the place of military action, just to see what it’s like. We do not pay we will not get anything but a sad experience, but we will live. To live, without all this materialistic stuff, peace, contrary to the «right» values and rational advice from generation of swine.

We like strong women, and we like strong we. Such people will build the future, let the fruits of your labors will take advantage of the weak, predictable and the most selfish bastards. At last, all will be ashes, food for worms. But this does not negate the possibility of a decent life. Really should start today or never.

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